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 |  Jan 07 2013, 3:32 PM

Toyota has modified its power buttons in several of its vehicles to allow for a quicker shut down process in a case of unintended acceleration or in a panic situation.

The change was implemented quietly by the Japanese automaker over a year ago, allowing owners to turn off their vehicles after three quick pushes or a two-second hold down. Previously, owners had to hold down the button for three seconds before the vehicle would turn off.

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According to the automaker, all Toyota and Lexus vehicles manufactures after August 2010 have had their buttons modified to turn off their vehicles after three quick pushes. The two-second hold down hasn’t applied to all models across the lineup, though the Japanese automaker didn’t specify which ones haven’t received the change. The two-second shut off began rolling out a year ago.

The changes came as a result of recommendations made by a committee from the SAE.

[Source: USA Today]

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