2005 Honda Pilot Stability Assist Under NHTSA Scrutiny

2005 Honda Pilot Stability Assist Under NHTSA Scrutiny

An estimated 87,803 model year 2005 Honda Pilot SUVs could fall under a recall if a National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation progresses far enough.

Between NHTSA and Honda, there have been a total 205 complaints registered because the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system is reported to be causing unexpected braking.

The system is meant to minimize stopping distances during emergency braking situations. NHTSA documents say that information provided by Honda identify “fault conditions that may result in false detection of a panic stop by the [brake assist] system, resulting in unexpected, sever braking application.”

According to the complaints, the incidents typically last two or less seconds. There isn’t currently a recall associated with the issue, but NHTSA has opened an engineering analysis to asses the issue further — a step that suggests a recall might be coming soon.

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