2014 Jeep Cherokee Revealed as New Liberty

2014 Jeep Cherokee Revealed as New Liberty

After leaked photos earlier today, the 2014 Cherokee has now been revealed by Jeep, sporting an all-new design that can really only be described as odd.

With styling elements of the Grand Cherokee and Compass, the Liberty is undeniably unique in the Jeep lineup with tiny slits for headlights and large lower lights, similar to a setup seen on the Nissan Juke.

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Set to debut at the New York Auto Show in late March, look for the Cherokee to sport a new 3.2-liter version of the brand’s Pentastar V6 and perhaps even an all-new 9-speed automatic transmission. Either way, Jeep promises fuel economy improvements of up to 45%.

In a release, Jeep said the all-new Cherokee will offer “best-in-class capability,” and “exemplary on-road driving dynamics.”

Built at the company’s Toledo Assembly Plant in Toledo, Ohio, the 2014 Cherokee will go on sale in the third-quarter of this year.

GALLERY: 2014 Jeep Cherokee


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  • CA_Refugee

    A design only a mother could love….

    Designer must have had a bad nightmare… or indigestion.

    Welcome to the Euro-design house… they can keep it over there. 

  • Mustang6596

    Here comes another Aztek

  • earl

    It all sounds good and profile may be better but it needs to lose some chrome on the seven noses and beltching mouth….maybe more Grand Cherokee like. 

  • Just what exactly was Fiat’s design team consuming when they conjured that hideous design?

  • jmartins

    Quite a lot of BMW and Porsche Cayenne inspiration…and not the attractive elements. The flanks aren’t bad but that fascia is hideous. Such a shame. I’ve owned WJs, ZJs and several XJs. It’s a missed opportunity for the relaunch of a once-loved model. A scaled down Commander would have been less of a disappointment.

    What mystifies me is how the same corporation can foster such dramatic creative inconsistency and mixed success from its design group. I would have let the folks who handled the most recent Challenger or Viper designs take a crack at the redesign just to see where they take it.

    I was hoping to buy my 5th Cherokee. That’s not going to happen now.

  • Jeeper88

    Love it, can’t wait to get my new Jeep!

  • N8evans

    Beautiful. I was so afraid that it was going to look more CUV than SUV. But I am quite pleased with the final look. Unique. Great job. Whenever I am in the market to replace my 2004 Liberty, I will look to this first.

  • Carl_h

    It doesn’t even look like a decent minivan. What is this supposed to be?

  • Sadworld

    I certainly won’t be trading in my 2011 Liberty Jet on that… Ew.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    ugly, guess I’ll be getting a used Cherokee instead of a new one

  • Troy Hendrickson


  • PaulR1

    better looking than compass

  • Jeff06

    That is not a Jeep;(

  • Rick

    It looks like a CX-5 and Juke ran into each other… Its not the worst but it could have been allot better. I’m not a fan of the separate headlight business. 

  • Chinese model?

  • Not something I would look at twice but it is a picture. I would want to know how it drives. Doesn’t look like a mans car. It’s a unisex no sex gay model 

  • benF

    Yikes! That is ugly

  • benF

    Brand killer..

  •  Originality and change – two things many Americans hate with passion. Go
    on, get your Boxy McBox Liberty while you still can, style it’s coming
    at the Chrysler group.

  • A

    yuck, I see my old Liberty becoming more valuable.

  • Jshirley78

    kill it before it reproduces!

  • This is different from what you’re used to as far as Cherokees and Liberty’s are concerned. However it is not that much different than the current styling of the Grand.I don’t think it looks offensive in the slightest and I can see the design growing on me.

    The aerodynamics of this design will far exceed anything previously produced and they are definately considering Fuel mileage as a major concern while designing new cars.  As a mid sized Sport/Ute I see this car to be a definate winner, especially competeing with the less offroad capible cars in its class.

    If the thing works off road, and they have the good sense to offer a diesel version, I think it will be successful.

    The fact that it doesn’t look like previous Cherokees hs no bearing on what is going on today. You can’t buy and new oldstyle Cherokee.

    Change is inevitable.


  • runaway

    Barf ….

  • Jmzicca

    This can be parked in the ugly garage next to the 2014 Mustang. To bad we can’t have cars and trucks that look like they came from America. The big three have given into Euro and Asian design.  

  • Looks like a BMW made in China.

  • The Cherokee line are supposed to be a capable 4x4s.  You couldn’t take this thing down a farm track!

  • John Smith

    Wow, Where did they get design inspiration? Form a pig? I should call Jeep Cherokee-Pig style.

  • YCS92

    or Jeep made in People’s Republic.

  • el2

    Or the designer must have had a bad explosive diarrhea… 

  • paleh0rse

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never considered four-wheeling in my wife’s Nissan Murano; and sadly, this new Cherokee is nothing more than a less luxurious Murano with a Jeep grill.


  • paleh0rse

    Would you say the same if they ruined the Wrangler Rubicon as well?

  • paleh0rse

    Not completely, they do still have the best 4×4 on the planet, the Wrangler Rubicon… for now.

  • paleh0rse

    Um, it DOES look more CUV than SUV… because it IS a CUV! That’s the entire problem! The old Cherokee was a real SUV, but this one certainly isn’t. It’s built on a car frame with a small V6 and FWD/AWD, not 4WD.

    Do you work for Chrysler, or something?

    To each their own…



  • paleh0rse

    Yayyy, another Japanese crossover that resembles all the others! Wait… it’s a Jeep? WTF?! /crying

  • Yep, that thing was never a beauty or a show stopper, so if they keep it’s go anywhere capability and add a more modern design, I’m all for it.

  •  Ralph Gilles said it’s trail rated, so until any of us drives it off road, we have to believe him.

  • Hey farm boy, did you went for a test drive in it?

  • paleh0rse

    The problem is that their new design philosophy does not keep the old ’84-’01 Cherokee XJ’s “go anywhere capability”, so any modernizing they do to the Rubicon will probably ruin that one as well.

    I’ve owned both a ’10 and ’13 Wrangler, but something tells me that I’m not going to want the ’16…

  • Steve Denzik

    You dumb asses at Chrysler still can’t get it right, we want the 1999-2001 Jeep Cherokee back.
    or the bejing verson, not this downsized Grand Cherokee.

  • paleh0rse

    If they slap a “Trail Rated” badge on this crossover POS, I’ll cry.

  • Jeepmakesmesad

    The brand sold its sole long ago…  Hey why not make it a “Hemi, Wrangler, Rubicon, SRT, Demon, Cherokee”?  Wow, hey Jeep, dont do anything that makes sence like putting a Diesel in a Wrangler, but instead, make this abomination, and slap a “Cherokee” badge on it. 

  •  Yeah, how stupid for a Cherokee to be a smaller, sportier version of the GRAND Cherokee, screw logic.

  • Wrushlow

    I’ll stick with my fav the Wrangler. However if they ever change that Jeep will never get my business again.



  • zoomzoomjeff

    Looks like a Taurus SHO, an Isuzu Vehicross and a Cherokee spawned some bastard child.

  • not sure if I like it or not but they should just keep the Liberty Name it is not a Cherokee.

  • Dayvsea

     Steve is dead on..

  • Sirplzcalmdown

    I actually like it. It’s sporty and aggressive. It does look a lot like that one Ford though.

  • Sirplzcalmdown

    Edit: Nevermind, I spotted the headlights. Why the fuck are they there? Fuck that’s ugly.

  • Bliberski

    The nice thing about the origional cherokee was that it was so easy and fun to modify

  • Jeep needs to bring back the Honcho Truck…

    Every Cherokee I’ve ever owned was garbage. A 95 that blew a transmission, a 2000 that had consecutive fuel injectors that kept going bad, one after another, then a 2003 that had electrical issues, especially with the cruise control.

    I think this thing is ugly though, btw.. right up there with the Pontiac Aztek.

  • Anon

    The thing is…Jeep already has the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee on their website…and this isn’t it.

  • Grantjones2000

    Horrible. I think I know where the designer of the Pontiac Aztec found a job…

  • Frenchbabedoll

    You just confirmed my thoughts. I bought my Jeeps because Jeep rarely changed the body style. I almost went from a Cherokee to a Liberty a couple of years ago because they looked like the old Cherokees. When I saw their body style change dramatically the last few years, I broke down and bought my first Japanese car. Thanks Jeep for messing it up!

  • Lowkeyjer

     Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are 2 different vehicles.

  • Fenwayy13

    It is a freakin Subaru and its gross!

  • Dghyatt

    Boy I can see they wil be changing that grill after the first batch get used up. Like the first Jeep Compass models had goofy grills. I woyuld think Jeep would bring the hood sheet metal down to that front edge then put the grill below that to clean this up even before the first models rolinto the dealer that is just Ford Edsel looking to me. Come on Jeep get with it  

  • hay

    This is sad they should stick to their heritage and make it look mind the old xj.

  • lgklsk

     Glad you’ve come to your senses ( really I mean that without sarcasm).

  • Notoriousmr

    I’ve owned two Cherokees 96, 98 both had 100K miles with NO major issues. Because of my history with Jeep I purchased a 12 grand Cherokee Overland. So far so good!

  • that is the fugliest looking thing i’ve ever seen and shames the name “jeep” and “cherokee”

    cannot be unseen!

  • Trevorgodfrey

    Looks like a Pontiac Aztec. Bad idea…

  • Chris_nass

    They really fucked up the headlights lol

  • Jon Henry

    Selling my Jeep because of this…

  • Croniac

    they are going to seriously market this abortion?

    Bwhahahahah!  Apparently now any idiot can be dubbed ‘designer’.  what a turd.

  • Baddafo

    I like the look . Think it would look even better with a kittens some modifications …

  • Yl Beach

    Please remove the proud JEEP name from that vehicle. Don’t embarrass the real Jeep owners.

  • Rave

    i love the front grill and lights design

  • Gowheelin

    Sad. It looks like every other soccer moms ride. Lexus, BMW, Porsche and a dozen others all look just like that. It’s a Chrysler product. Do jeep a favor and market it as a Chrysler or Dodge product. Let Jeeps stand alone with they’re own style.

  • JosephSproles

    Honestly, go talk to AMC and get back with the straight six 4.0, you can modify your fancy 9 speed automatic transmission to work alongside it, and instead of focusing on what soccer mom you can get to want a “New Jeep” which btw are NOT Jeeps….actually build a more ALL TERRAIN SUV like the name USED to stand for…. people wonder why I keep my 96 ZJ with 4.0… this is why… id rather do a new motor/transmission swap, then put a dime toward any of these new Jeeps…

  • Mrkianiamin

    where is the round headlights of jeep ? this car is very beautiful but it’s not a jeep 

  • Jell Johnson14


  • Kenttala1957

    Just leave the the Wrangler alone….

  • jakecj7

    It will be a sad day when this hits the streets

  • Kwrang1984

    I couldn’t agree with u more. Bought an 07 jk in 09. 40,000 miles later, motor’s no good. Rings weren’t sitting right, burnt the oil, low oil pressure warning systems goes on once the motor ran dry. Pure junk. My next jeep will be 06 and older.

  • slickrock steve

    probably the most BUTT UGLY contraption ever!

  • Operator71

    From the company that brought you the “Patriot”…….TA DAAA! 

  • Viperron

    Just about the time I think Chrysler has got their act together they come up with something like this or what they did to the Charger which I hate with a passion and I’ve been a fan for over 50 years

  • I think its very smart to differentiate their lineup. The wrangler will always be geared towards offroad enthusiasts but the majority of casual Jeep fans rarely do any 4wheeling, if any. This will allow them to satisfy those who do much more on-road driving. It doesn’t make much sense from a business standpoint to have 5 very similar models competing against each other for sales. 

  • They took one of my favorite vehicles (the cherokee/grand cherokee) and turned it into a mini van. Ugly ugly UGLY!!

  • Anthony Chastain

    How are they differentiating? Everything in their line-up besides the Wrangler is geared toward soccer moms.

  • broadz

    “Either way, Jeep promises fuel economy improvements of up to 45%.”  Either way it looks terrible and I feel shamed to drive something from the same manufacturer.  IMO the worst looking Jeep ever made… worse that the early shape Compass 

  • DodgeFan

    We present you with the new redesigned….Pontiac Aztek.   BAHAHAHA

  • otomobilfiyatlistesi.com

    New Cherokee looks dangerous. I like it

  • Take away the grill and it’s a Nissan Murano!

  • Not liking it, I would like to see Jeep come out with a retro look giving kudo’s to the old Willys wagons.

  • Loved my Cherokee and now love my Wrangler but this is hideous. I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. How about marrying form and function?. Leave the iconic design alone, just go with the fuel efficiency .I’ll stick with my Wrangler and lousy fuel economy, thanks very much. They don’t seem to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Sam Parker

    This thing is god awful.

  • Dsmall

    We already have this vehicle, My wife drives a Mazda CX7…

  • Skylar

    Rest easy. I just visited the Jeep site and found no 2014 Jeep that looks like this. If jeep wants to loose fan base just build this… You’d think they would learn after the 1st compase design…

  • Long time jeep fan now mad

    This is sad, I am going to buy a 2013 Jeep now because I dont want that japanese junk looking thing

  • American

    that thing shouldn’t even have the Jeep name on it.. maybe Chrysler but not jeep!

  • Driver727

    What do you mean styling is odd. I love it and can’t wait to see more of them.

  • Cyclone0013

    Guess that was to be expected from the FIAT group, i know what i will not be buying in future. Now a 2010 model doesn’t look so bad anymore.

  • Steve

    Try building a Jeep and not copying something from Kia! UGLY POS!!!

  • brokenpinata

    Introducing, the 2014 Jeep Juke!

  • Jay2k

    Wow, there is something uglier than the now dead Pontiac Aztek. Who the heck signed off on this? It’s awful. We were suppose to get American auto manufacturers back on track, apparently their death now will be their own fault. No more loans for the Chrysler group when they come back crying they can’t sell their cars. They are cut off. They can’t spend R&D money properly.

  •  that’s not a “JEEP”

  • Guys, guys, no need to overreact. This is just Jeep’s “O” face.

  •  The “Trail Rated” badge has nothing to do with styling. Any vehicle with the badge has to pass strict off-road specifications set by Jeep’s marketing–err, engineering department.

  •  To be fair, American design gave us the Pontiac Aztek; the AMC Pacer; the Olds Cutlass Ciera; the GM X-Body; the 1992 Buick Skylark; the Pontiac Trans Sport/Olds Silhouette; the Ford Aerostar; the Dodge Avenger…

  •  Or make him do it while we watch.

  • Usmcgunrock

    Introducing The New 2014 Jeep Joke!

    I still love my ’01 XJ…nothing new will ever dominate its “presence” on the road being lifted and all

  • Usmcgunrock

    They will re-badge from Trail Rated to Mall Rated

  • Usmcgunrock

    The all new 2014 Jeep! Move over Trail Rated boys and make room for Mall Rated!

  • As a long time Wrangler owner and Jeep lover, I like the look of the new Cherokee. It looks aerodynamic. I want to buy one! 

  • as a jeep owner for over 20+ years, I dig it!  It aint your grampa’s jeep, grasshopper!  I predict it will be a smash hit.  It is sexy, looks tough and is gonna kick some butt!  Thanks, Jeep for keeping it fresh and relavent.

  • CB


  • OldsVistaCruiser

    @John:disqus Doe – since I can’t reply directly to your post, let me respond here.  First, there is no such thing as a 2003 Jeep Cherokee.  The last year for the Cherokee was 2001.  Could you be talking about owning three GRAND Cherokees?  They were junk compared to the XJ (1984-2001) Cherokee.

    I just retired my ’92 XJ Cherokee, which was one of the best cars that I have ever owned.  It has 324,000 miles on the original power train, which consists of the 4.0-liter inline six, the NP242 SelecTrac transfer case and the AW4 automatic transmission.  Its biggest problems are rust, and it just started to develop “death wobble.” 

    If it wasn’t for the death wobble, I wouldn’t have hesitated to drive it anywhere.  It sits in my driveway because I needed the recently-renewed license plate for a ’93 Mercury Grand Marquis LS that I picked up in really-nice condition for $700, which is maybe a bit more than I would have paid to make my Cherokee pass PA state inspection – I paid $600 for it 7 years ago this month.  I do eventually intend to either return my XJ to the road or make it an off-road toy.

    If Jeep was to bring back the XJ Cherokee with the 4.0-liter six, I’d be back in the showroom in a heartbeat.

  • Jahwebb

     Gotta love the old 4.0L I6.  I have an 86 Cherokee Laredo that won’t die and carries farm supplies around.  I’ve also got a 2006 Wrangler TJ which is the last year they had the 4.0L.  Yeah it doesn’t get the mileage that this new 3.2L will, but it also doesn’t have the failure issues all these re-designed I6 engines have.  OVC- what do you mean by death wobble?  My dad’s 2000 XJ had a real bad wobble when you hit a bump, but it turned out to be lost wheel weights that affected the handling.  New balanced tires and no steering wheel shake.

  • You guys are idiots as there is not much you can update yearly with a boxy Jeep. I like it but I would rather buy a Grand Cherokee or second generation Liberty (KK).

  • I agree with you..The Wrangler is for the off-road enthusiasts, Grand Cherokee is the luxury full-size SUV for the white collar adults, Patriots and Compass geared towards the young adults and Liberty maybe towards the “soccer-moms with money”.

  • Incorrect.. export models of the Liberty have been badged as Cherokees since 2002.  Starting with the KJ and continiung with the KK.  I have a domestically sold and personally imported model.. mine is a Liberty.

  • Monkx1

    My 99xj is the definition of what an SUV should be, durable, practical, with real 4 wheel drive. This looks like a “grocery getter”. Front end is scary.

  • Wild Cat

    American variant of Nissan Juke, unfortunatelly… No more tough’n’rough…

  • GT Frank

    The death wobble is cased buy a bad stabilizer shock. The 5th shock that is on the front axle.  Replace it and most of the time the death wobble will disappear, …………..Ah this Cherokee is hideous.

  • Luiz Laba

    You guys worked so hard to innovate and you come up with this mixture of I DON’T KNOW WHAT!
    Too bad, the Cherokee is now out of my list of a 2014 new SUV. (IMO).

  • Luiz Laba

    SORRY …MY MISTAKE… This is the new Liberty, not the GRAND CHEROKEE!
    I am still with you JEEP.

  • paleh0rse

    Screw that. If they do completely F’ it up, as they’ve done with the new Cherokee, I’m never selling my current Rubi.

    I’ll be glad to invite you to the next car show I enter so that you can witness the crowds that consistently gather around my Jeep…