2014 Kia Forte Super Bowl Spot Features Sexy Androids

2014 Kia Forte Super Bowl Spot Features Sexy Androids

As a late comer to the Super Bowl pre-release party, Kia just released a new spot for the 2014 Forte entitled “HotBots,” which explores what would happen if auto show models were actually androids. 

Getting greasy fingerprints all over a shiny new car at an auto show is definitely frowned upon, and Kia takes matters into its own hands in the commercial. The ad has the tagline “respect the tech” tacked on at the end, seemingly to show off that Kia is a company focused on cutting-edge new car tech.

The commercial is expected to air during the Super Bowl, this coming Sunday.

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  • Beans

    OMG its a FEMBOT

  • Its amazing how no one is talking about how sexist this is against men and how it promotes violence against men.

    Kia should be boycotted, how can this idiot reporter not notice how degrading it is to men. What if the Robot was male and kicked the crap out of a female? I bet you, he wouldn’t think its funny at all.

  • Ryan Reyes

    Good luck trying to get these idiots to know that!