2014 Toyota Tundra Gets Sexy New Interior, Same Old Engines

2014 Toyota Tundra Gets Sexy New Interior, Same Old Engines

The current-generation Toyota Tundra debuted during the Chicago Auto Show in 2007 and today, Toyota brought its new 2014 Tundra to the same event.

A new chiseled look brings the formerly curvaceous Tundra into the boxy realm of the current American-designed pickups. While the profile of the truck remains similar to the current Tundra, the hood, grille, front bumper and wheel arches of the truck have all been squared off for a bold look.

While the folks at Toyota’s Calty design studio were providing new style to give the truck a fresh feel, it seems like the engine development team was sipping cocktails. Disappointingly, the engines are unchanged.

Offered as the standard motor on Tundra Regular and Double Cab models is a four-liter V6 good for 270 hp and 278 lb-ft of torque.

In the middle of the range is a 4.6-liter DOHC i-Force V8 that offers 310 hp and 327 lb-ft of torque, while the top-tier engine is still the 5.7-liter i-Force V8 that makes 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque. A five-speed automatic transmission will link up to the V6, while a six-speed will be on duty with both eight-cylinder powerplants. In 4×2 regular car trim, Tundra’s top tow capacity is 10,400 lbs.


For improved ride quality, the shock-absorber valving has been re-tuned, hoping to avoid some of the rear-end chattering that was common in the previous Tundra. Steering feel is adjusted for a little less feedback, which Toyota says will make it better to drive on long trips.

Inside, a complete overhaul brings the Tundra from the land of black, boring plastic into the new-age of truck interiors. Toyota kept the large physical knobs for easy operation, while the rest of the interior was ditched for the new design, save some of the silver and black contrasting dash plastics.

Interior focus was placed on bringing the Tundra a more luxurious feel, along with providing clear differentiation between trim lines.

Ergonomics and comfort received some attention across all the trim levels, as audio and HVAC controls that move closer to the driver. Finally, the front seats are better ventilated and have more travel.

Trim levels start with the SR, move up to SR5, then Limited, and finally two premium trims, the “Platinum” and the all-new “1794” Edition.

The new 1794 trim level brings the Tundra a new level of luxury that will put it in line to compete with Ford’s King Ranch and Ram’s Longhorn edition trucks. Premium saddle brown leather wraps the seats, while ultra-suede contrasts around the interior.

Toyota is offering a few segment firsts in the new Tundra: standard bluetooth, standard backup camera, standard 3.5-inch display screen between the gauges, and blind spot monitor with rear-cross traffic alert, the latter of which will be offered only on Platinum and 1794 edition trucks.

The new Japanese half-ton will hit dealerships in September, 2013.

GALLERY: 2014  Toyota Tundra Live Reveal

2014-Toyota-Tundra (1).JPG2014-Toyota-Tundra (10).JPG2014-Toyota-Tundra (12).JPG2014-Toyota-Tundra-1794 (5).JPG2014-Toyota-Tundra (9).JPG2014-Toyota-Tundra-1794 (3).JPG

GALLERY: 2014 Toyota Tundra Photo Gallery

2014Tundra1794Ed001 (1).jpg2014Tundra1794Ed004.jpg2014Tundra1794Ed005.jpg2014TundraLtd001.jpg2014TundraLtd002.jpg2014Tundra1794Ed009.jpg2014Tundra1794Ed011.jpg

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  • Who the hell is designing these Toyota vehicles? ROBO COP!?! The new 4 runner is ugly and now the tundra is getting the same ugly stick DNA! Boo!

  • Marilyn Basini

    I love the new look. I will be trading in my 2008 Tundra for the 2014!!

  • Tgallagher

    WOW!! all this hype with new engines and better fuel economy and we get the same? Not even a 6.5′  box with the crew max. Sorry boys but its either a new GMC or a RAM.

  • cookie

    totally agree, might have to look dare I say in the chevy crewmax 1/2 ton due out late this spring with a 6 1/2′ bed.  Toyota is always the last to change things up.

  • Acfbrill

    I prefer the styling of my 2001 Tundra

  • Jim

    What the hell kind of name is “Geophil”?

  • “A five-speed automatic transmission will link up to the V6, while a
    six-speed will be on duty with both eight-cylinder powerplants”

    They do mean a 6-speed automatic, right? If they make a manual…I might just settle for the blah looks. I wouldn’t change the engine either, my 5.7 is all I could ask for (unless it was behind a 6-speed manual)

  • The story is correct. It is a five-speed automatic paired with the V6 engine. And no manuals are on the horizon for the Tundra.

  • Crippin

    Man I was hoping for a new more efficient engine or even a diesel, screw it ill just keep my 09.

  • Art Woosley

    Apparently Toyota believes Americans value a freshning of the interior more than more engine power and fuel economy improvement.
    Will someone please dash a letter off to Toyota and tell them to get their head out of their A hole!!!

  • Painterson

    I know right? The only ones uglier are the GMC and Chevy trucks! I mean Ka-rist thoughs are fugly. 

  • Jacutrera

    They are “BRAIN DEAD” on this one! Geeeeez! WTF??? I thought they would step up to the plate & over achieve for the 2014! They didn’t??? This may end the Tundra line IMO! I predict extinction on the horizon. WOW! I’m very shocked. Thanks Toyota!

  • TRD5.7

    Just finished watching Stephen Elmer on YouTube I’m impressed. Great job Stephen in presenting us the new tundra. I totally agree with you on the last comment you said. I guess I have to wait for improvements.

  • Erhard58

    nope!…FAIL!…we love our ’08, it has a unique look, but this is starting to look just like everyone else’s pickup and yes, same engine??
    You guys better come up with something REALLY different for the 2015!!!!

  • TUNDRAfreak

    Diesel! Diesel! Diesel! Diesel! Diesel!

  • ToyBob

    That has to be the worst looking GRILLE I have ever seen! If you’re going to copy GMC at least do it discretely! What’s your problem Toyota, the 07-13’s are all class! 

  • TunnnDraa

    Have you ever seen a grown man cry? What did they do???? This is NOT KIATEN THIS IS A STEP DOWN!!!

  • Mike Aguayo

    Diesel segment is TINY. No value in going that direction in the US.

  • Big G

    I like the new look of the Tundra.  Good job Toyota.  I’m not a fan of all the chrome, as my 2012 Tundra has the black exterior, with all white body.

    And to the author, same old engines?  The 5.7 ltr is a beast with great power and torque.  Let’s not fix something that’s not broken.

    And for all you cry babies, if you don’t like it, go buy that turd of a truck Chevrolet makes with all the bail out money Obama gave them. 

    My Tundra was built and assembed here in the Great State of Texas. 

    <—proud Texan

  • CyMonster

    Uh, why even bother changing with those hokey exterior cosmetic alterations? Although, the interior looks like it’s finally up to par with the great motor and transmission that’s always been at the heart of the Tundra. If they’d have left the exterior alone and just made the interior upgrades, I might think about trading in my ’08. Bad move to make it look like a Chevy/Ford hybrid turdball. I’m keeping my ’08 Tundra. 

  • Toyota has given us something we don’t want because they failed to take into account what’s most important to truck owners. I’ve owned 5 Tundra’s over 13 years and this will not be a 6th. What Toyota has clearly failed to realize is this. What leather we sit on and what sheet metal that surrounds us does not make a truck. It all starts with what’s under the hood but unfortunately the power train engineers went out for cocktails in 2007, and never came back. This Tundra will not grow market share, will not win over any new buyers, and has effectively angered your current owners all across the Internet. 

  • Dltkat

    Still looking for the 3/4 ton capability. 10,400 towing capacity is not enough! I need more. Bye Bye Tundra

  • Marcus

    Cosmetic BS!

  • Mightytacoma

    Did u guys not c the space shuttle pulled by the Tundra!!! I didn’t c any other auto makers out there trying that with there P.O.S!!!!!

  • Swcfla

    If I wanted a Ford I would buy one.  I think they made a big mistake with this design.

  • Jim

    Yep, I have had my Tundra since ’07 and have been waiting on some good upgrades but this sucks.  Ram here I come.

  • Xenosharkonex


  • jim

    Where’s the diesel????

  • Thamac015

    Ram here I come? With its outdated OHV 16 valve pushrod engine? Ill take DOHC 32v. Ram is gorgeous but it’s not the engine I trust towing 7k pounds up a mountain.

  • Teebonetuna97014

    Toyota has always been under powered compared to its competition but reliability is second to none!

  • Sachilles

    I am going to keep my 2001 Tundra. If I wanted a Ford with a Toyota nameplate, I would buy both and build my own. Quoting Julia Roberts, mistake, BIG mistake!!!!

  • Argo

     You could tow the space shuttle at a walking pace with a riding lawnmower on flat level ground with the shuttle’s tires aired up.  It doesn’t take 381 HP to do that.  In fact, I think the team of Clydesdales that pull the Budweiser car in the stupid bowl commercials could do it. Sorry, but that commercial is all hype.  This is coming from an avid Toyota fan, no less.  That said, I don’t like any new trucks by anyone.  I’ll take a 1980s or early 90s Chevy, Ford Dodge Toyota, Nissan, Mazda Isuzu or even Mitsubishi truck over the over priced, over complicated, over-hyped trucks of today.

  • Frank Maher

    Great point Big G! I am not interested in Gov’t Motors

  • Tempestman

    I agree with Argo and Sachilles. The new Tundra also needs better gas mileage than they offer now. Too much competition out there to offer the same engines for 2014, especially with the big $$ they are asking. Guess I’ll keep my old Tundra with the new frame from the recall. Toyota should have offered me the $10k toward a new truck instead.

  • Thomasgl

    Wait a few years and buy one used — don’t pay full price for this cosmetic crap. I’ll keep pulling my Panamerica Airstream with my 2010 5.7L Tundra CrewMax. Don’t wait on a diesel engine; install the factory turbo charger if you want better hauling and fuel economy. Additionally, don’t hot rod the truck!

  • RWCrum

    I’ll be keeping my paid for, 88K miles so far 2005 Tundra. Nothing since 2007 has made me want to do anything else. I added On Star and Sirius to it and it’s fine for me, thanks.

  • David S

    I have a first gen Tundra, and with 180,000 miles on it is still a GREAT truck.  I would like the deeper bed of the second gen though.

    I hope they offer a long bed option on the new ones!  The bed on the one shown looks like an after thought, and appears awfully short in perspective.

  • Kyakbum

    The exterior is still ugly-  way too much sheet metal on the sides compared to the tire size.  I have a 2009 Tacoma PreRunner and wouldnt take a 2013 Tundra on an even trade.   I hope they leave the Tacoma alone or hire new designers.

  • Vhowarth

    I’m a well satisfied 2007 SR5, 5.7 V8 owner. The new outside and much improved interior looks good. Really like the infinately variable air vents. As for the engine; the big three makers are just now catching up to the 5.7 Tundra V8. It has plenty of torque and horsepower. However, they could come out with an 8 speed tranny for a little fuel mileage improvement.

    However, a big diesel option would be a good market improvement.

  • Phillip

    What an AWFUL redesign!! Really disappointed… the front end looks like a wreck and the rest like a RAM wannabe! What happened to the unique interior?? Trying to copy Ford, Toyota needs to pick up their confidence and stop trying to copy inferior trucks!!! 

  • Mlovelac

    I ‘d rather drive a 2007 Tundra with the “5.7” than anything any other manufacturer is producing today.  No one else in the indurstry has any standard truck bulit to the strength, quality and performance of a standard Toyota Tundra as this truck has been way “over bulit already”

  • Rwc_1

    I will keep my 09 Tacoma. Like said it looks like a Ford.

  • scb88

    I have a 07 5.7 CrewMax that I love, and is paid for.  I was hoping Toyota would tweek the powertrain for better gas mileage.  Since this update is mostly cosmetic, it will save me 50K this fall.  My current beast will last until Toyota innovates again, Like they did in 2007.

  • Mikel

    Wow.  What a LAME article.  Headline it with talk about the “sexy new interior” and then put up nothing but pictures of the frikkin EXTERIOR.  Way to go Stephen!  Excellent journalism there bro.  

  • Lary Cho

    The most imporant thing Toyota missed like dumb Dodge n Ford. GM has excellent ideas back 1984 when it designed driver seating and steep front hood that 5 feet and 6 foot 4 inches tall guy can see well driving. I can see clearly that I do not see Toyota missed that front hood slope is not good n like any other Dodge the worst n more like ford. Stupid Toyota should dismiss those small, if not very small noise truck lovers, but majority buyers are looking for easy driving n I just don’t understand WHY the miserable morons keep designing car that MOST for tall, fat or obese, and big people only. In all fairness, GMC Serria or Chevy Silvardao body, espically front easy clearance are the most good looking. NOT biased, but just fact if one has “fair eyes.”

  • Mark

    Toyota drops the ball yet again.  I have a 2002 Tundra that gets a combined 17 mpg with a conventional V8.  This one is no better.  I have written to Toyota repeatedly to modernize the turbo diesel that works so well in the European HiLux.  Until they stop trying to copy the F-150, they will continue to miss the mark with me and other American truck buyers looking for a motor with more torque than HP.

  • Mttoddh

    Ditto on the hilux. Ignorance prevails in the form of gas guzzling inefficient v8’s. My 2010 tundra has never bested 16 mpg unloaded. It is about time “the land of the free” had the choice of a smaller diesel truck the rest of the planet enjoys.

  • ldicker

    The problem with these diesels and the reason they’re not in the US is emissions  Granted, it’s a STUPID reason to not have them, but they’re not meeting the emissions requirements despite being far more efficient.

  • Oakenarm

    Once again Toyota disappoints by not bringing a Diesel to America.

  • Elguato2001

    Gas mileage didn’t improve, beefier look is questionable, and the new body style is atrocious 🙁 sorry to say and I have a 2006 DC tundra. I was looking forward to buying a newer model soon because they were just improving the truck all around, but in this new 2014 its not going to happen.

  • Cnt2c56

    TRD stickers look pretty lame…

  • Pfmachine

    When Toyota redesigned the Tundra in 2007, they said it was a ‘Work Truck’. Remember? Oversize door handles you could open with gloves on, a glove box big enough to put your Thermos in, etc. I hope they did better on the 2014. My 2007 and 2012 leak dust in the cab so bad that the CD’s quit playing because they were so coated with dust. The tires were so cheap that you couldn’t drive on a gravel road without poking a hole in them. If you found a slick spot on a dirt road it would cut the power and leave you out of control. The Factory Rep. says “Too bad, they weren’t designed to be driven on dusty roads”.
    Then there’s the lack of ground clearance with the trailer plug hanging down just waiting to be torn off. The electronics that make a CB radio almost useless with the interference. The NAV system that’s a complete joke if you leave the ‘designated route’.
    Sorry, This is my last Toyota. I’ll be looking at Ford or Chevy on my next purchase.

  • KcScamp

    I have only reached 18.2 mpg once on a trip in west TX on I-10…where I really never expected it – going 85 mpg…..I figured it was just a really great tank of gas!!

  • KcScamp

    forgot to add that I have a 2002…..and dearly ♥♥♥ it….Hate the new “too Large” for this lady….I don’t care at all for the size…..and especially if the mileage is the same crap…..I usually only get 11.2 mpg due to short in town driving….so I was thrilled when I got that 18.2.  Most of that trip 2 yrs ago and the one last Feb I usually got 16.8-17…..I will be happy with it…Mainly because I paid for it a long time ago. And only have 39,000 miles on it……

  • Pfmachine

     I got 18+ on my ’07 DC 5.7 several times! 14 mpg was about normal though. Got 10 mpg pulling a 10,000# trailer, lots of power!
    Not happening on my 2012, less than 12 mpg. grrrrrrrr

  • Pfmachine

     I had a 2005 and loved it too. Rode like a ‘Caddy’  Needed something to tow a big trailer. Wish I still had it…..

  • Steve

    Looks like a Ford and Chevy combined… Why follow the others?? Toyota is a big boy now and should feel free to travel their own path. Looks like I’ll be be keeping my 07 for a while… I love it anyway!

  • Steelr4life

    Steve, I agree with your Ford/Chevy comment. And I’m not feeling the hood. I love my ’08 and the hood was something different from the Ford or Dodge Ram. Hell even the backend looks like a damn ford. And can’t believe Toyota didn’t bother to upgrade the MPG. Overall I give the ’14 Tundra a C+

  • RickInAustin

    Completely with the gas mileage comment, although I am not a diesel fan.  Until Toyota improves the gas mileage, I am going to hold on to my 2001 Tundra.

  • Rbc5228

    Come on Toyota where is your heavy duty stuff? Still no diesel so I guess Ford is my next truck. My 2010 just will not quite do it for our new trailer.

  • Tank48

    I’ve got an’08 5.7 crewmax – much better than the Ford F250 crew 454 that I used to drive – ave mpg was 9.5, now with the Tundra I go about 15.5 mixed driving.  Better for hauling my travel trailer (24′), more power, better mpg too.  Better rear interior – my son is 6’4″ – he just strectches out.  The new nose change is OK, but it could use a more enhanced facelift.  Although I don’t care about diesel, I agree, it should be a choice.  Overall, I still think Toyota is a better choice than Ford or Chevy  (having had both brands in the past) – even f only by a short shot.

  • sockmonkey

    I can’t tell the difference, especially the interior, from this or a Ford.  I was told that toyota copied an F 150 dimensionally for the 07 model and that is what they based the current tundra on but I never expected to see them copy so much after 7 years; this is the best they can do?    Some one please help me, it took 7 years for them to redesign, I mean, simply copy the interior, and many exterior cues, of an older ford?  If toyota doesn’t have superior quality, which has yet to be seen, then I see no need to even consider them since they are obviously not offering something innovative.  Toyota has moved from innovation to simply imitation when it comes to their tundra. In my opinion, toyota should have upgraded the tacoma to the size of the older gen 1 tundra which would be more mid sized but now that the new tundra offers noting new, unless you want a ford wanna be with a toyo badge, and the tacoma is too small for me I guess I will have to keep my current model which is fine with me.  This 2014 is so uninspiring.

  • builderone

    I agree with the other comments about it looking like a Ford or a Chevy. I’ve got 180,00 on my 07 and I will keep it until I wear it out.I’m in the construction business and use it like a work truck. All in all I have been very pleased with it.

  • iWalk

    Toyota didn’t “copy” any body. Should we criticize Ford for “copying” the turbo technology from Dodge and VW? They are simply meeting the demands of the American economy, as they have for 50 years. Americans want big trucks. The old Tundra trucks were just fine before this last generation, unless you planned on towing a yacht… Toyota makes trucks their new trucks just like  the “American” companies build thier trucks, big interior for BIG people. Now I don’t mean to offend you, being that obesity is a large trend in our country its only fitting our machines become larger as well. Working in the auto repair industry for years I noticed that most if not ALL Ford parts are made in CANADA. Ford is imitating Chevy in the sense that Chevy has parts manufactured in MEXICO. Its all about what the people want. Who’s copying who?

  • annoyed

    first of all lets start with how annoying ads that start playing music as soon as you get to the webpage without even giving you an option of turning it off are.  I haven’t read the article and I won’t read it here now cause obviously giving me meditation ads with loud ass “ethereal” sounds is obviously important.

  • sockmonkey

    Hey iwalk, don’t get upset with what I’m about to say; but, you must have misunderstood what is being stated by so many.  Your comment that is in regard to size and mine and many others are commenting on appearance.  You need to change your call sign to iblind if you can’t see the similarities/copy-cat like styling cues that toyota has made.  Yes, they have copied ford and yes ford and chevy copy them; it’s part of the business.  It just seems to reason that after 7 years of waiting on a “new” model that they would come up with something “new” not something that looks like an almost biological twin to  their competition.  Well, I guess if you want to sell the most and you can’t be more original then copy what sells the most.  I’ve heard that imitation is the highest form of flattery so I guess toyota wants to be #1 so bad that they are willing to simply copy the #1 selling truck.  Also, safety, mechanical and reliability improvements are not in the same category as interior and exterior styling.  Yes, we can and will be critical of such mediocrity.  It will be interesting to see though, in sales #’s, how simply copying the competition performs.  Maybe it will work.  Time will tell.

  • sockmonkey

    A loving reminder:

    AIP is the Air Intake Pumps on the 5.7 engine for the tundra.  Don’t forget, there are 2 of these electric motors under the hood that could cost in excess of $3000.00 to fix if they go bad.  And you can thank toyota for allowing the computer to go into limp mode if they malfunction making your truck nearly useless for normal use.  Now, does any one really want to buy a truck that has the risk of paying thousands of dollars for this potential repair and causing vehicle depreciation if they are not functioning properly when you go to trade or sell?  I don’t know if I would have bought my 07 knowing the potential financial risk these two $20.00 electric motors have the potential to cause.  A fender bender, vandalism, moisture intrusion, electrical malfunction and who knows what else may cause this to fail?  I think that toyota should have eliminated this from their 2014 truck instead of leaving a huge potential out of pocket expense on the consumers back for the sake of emissions compliance.  If toyota is going to copy ford this much then they should have done like iwalk implied and copied their engine technology at least in as much so that the consumer never has to worry that when their warranty runs out there is a ticking time bomb repair that no other manufacturer uses.  That would be a good improvement in my opinion.  Why even put the consumer at such financial and reliability risk when it isn’t necessary?  The AIP was a bad call and it still is.  Well, as long as you trade all within the warranty period then there are no worries.  I guess that is one way to have people buy more trucks more often.  In my opinion and the opinion of many, many, many owners who have had the bad experience of the AIP failing it sure is something to consider when deciding on a newer truck especially if your like me and what to keep them as long as humanly possible.  

  • If the grille gets any bigger, Toyota will have to relocate the headlights either to the roof, or to the adjacent lanes.

  • Drdgregory

    I currently have a beautiful Tundra CrewMax, and love it (best truck I have ever owned)!!
    I’ve been anxiously waiting on the new 2014 model to arrive so I could trade for a new one.  However, after seeing the Debut pics of the ’14 Tundra at the Chicago Auto Show, I am completely disappointed!  The new 2014  is UGLY!!!!!  If I wanted to buy an ugly, boxy truck, I would go buy a Chevy or a Ford, and save some money to boot!
    Toyota, you have made a mistake by trying to copy the domestic looks.  You are going to decrease sales, not increase them.

  • guest


  • Samnangregina

    I do agree with mate! Never Change something if it sells and always reliable, that’s Toyota for u mate!

  • Mark


    Because the truck is too large, a behemoth, gets very poor gas mileage, and IMHO, is quite ugly.  C’mon 16mpg?  Make the truck smaller and put a turbo diesel under the hood, and I’ll consider trading in my 2002 Tundra.  I think Toyota made a mistake in 2007 when they Super-Sized the Tundra.  The new one is a step closer to the end of the plank.  Those that argue that a Turbo-Diesel won’t meet CA emissions, how is it that the engineers at Mercedes, BMW and Audi have it figured out?

  • Acknowledged guest

    Because people are ignorant…as always will be. Thanks to technology, now turbo-diesel are quite efficient…except the only problem especially in CA is the price of the diesel if you know what I mean…

  • Hrj9

    That 5.7 and 6 spd tranny are awesome. Pulls a 10000 lb trailer fine. What’s the $$$ for a diesel option in American trucks now $5000, $6000? Add that to the price of diesel fuel and the fact that they really don’t get much if any better fuel mileage plus diesel isn’t as easy to find in some areas… the only reason to buy one is if you have a need to pull real heavy loads. Then you’ll be paying for tranny work if you’ve got an automatic.

  • Hrj9

    I’ve got over 200,000 mi on my current tundra and all I’ve done is one brake job. You girly boys that need the best looking truck go buy the one you love the looks of and get to know your dealer. BTW my previous Tundra had over 350,000 miles with no major issues just brakes and timing belts. The 5.7 doesn’t use a timing belt.

  • Nickp425

    I drive 2001 Tundra. Bought it new in 2000. Runs the same today as it did 13 years ago. That is just not possible with the other 3 rivals. I once traded in a 5 year old Toyota truck for a 1 year old Chevy truck. Got rid of it in 6 months and went back to Toyota. The Quality in the Chevy was just not there. I could just hear the depreciation go out the window as the days ticked by. Not a good feeling.
    As far as the new 2014 Tundra being a copy cat of the Ford…..I don’t see it at all.

  • sock monkey

    Hey Nick I wouldn’t deny your feeling toward reliability.  I know as well with my 2002 tundra that is still running fine with no repairs yet and yes I have owned Chevy also so I can attest to your feelings their too.  

    To claim not to see the “copy cat” of the ford “at all” simply means your legally blind and possibly completely blind or your choosing to suppress the fact that if you buy a 2014 toyo that you will be actually sitting in the cab of a ford with a toyo badge, for the most part when it comes to appearance.  After all, their are some minor difference, very minor.  I guess you refuse to accept the fact that toyo based the new truck on ford to begin with also.  Notice, I didn’t say it would be the same quality of the ford simply look like one.  I still think it will be built like a toyo just one that looks like a ford as many others who can see past their own prejudices acknowledge. Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so maybe you can’t see the same round air vents, layout, shapes, etc. Let me know what time you drive on the road so I can be somewhere else because I’m afraid you won’t see the yellow line either.  hehehahaaahahhaahaha

  • Julian

    This new Tundra looks sick. It looks like they made the interior look like a ford, the front end more like a Chevy, and the back end more like a dodge.

  • mindfury

    imo every mid sized truck, suv, and full size pick has to have a diesel option. i can go on jeep of australia’s website and pick a diesel option engine for all models. wouldn’t that be great to have here? 

  • Charley

    That chubby dude is spot on with his final comeback. If they had a diesel I would trade in my 02 F-150 in a heatbeat. But now I’m waiting for the Ram diesel, and will pick one of those up.The Ram rides way better than this thing too, if you pay a little extra and get the air bag shocks. 

  • Solllvssand

    looks to be a wanna be clone of a ford f150,same bed,dash and front of a superduty.I think I’ll get a good deal on a 2013

  • Allen

    I’m currently a 2010 Tundra owner. I love the truck but I need more power and the 5.7 just doesn’t get. I am limited to 10,400lbs of towing while I need 14,500 lbs. I love Toyota but you are forcing me and many others to buy Chevy or Ford. Wake up and get with the truck program or get out!

  • Bubba Sam

    This fat guy can suck it

  • Old Man

    You’re a bit of an ass sock monkey. You think your opinion is the only opinion out there. Grow up! You’re talking trash like a little girl trying to get the big boys upset. Just go away and shut up for every bodies sake.

  • Argo

    This is not a reflection on the Tundra, but rather trucks in general. All of the modern trucks are lousy. They are all hype and bluster, with no substance. I will keep my 321,000 mile F-150 with it’s straight six and 20 MPG and do any work I need to with it. As for towing 10,000 lbs with a half ton? I don’t care what the manufacturer says, anything over 8,500 on a half ton is foolish at best and downright dangerous at worst.

    Now if somebody handed me a $40,000 sack of money and put a gun to my head and said spend this on a new truck or die, I would spend it on a Tundra. It is the best in this field. But this field can’t hold a candle to any Chevy, Ford, or Dodge with vent windows. Likewise, in the compact range, with Toyota in the lead there.

  • Ajr Ajr

    Hehe, I work with a guy who says the same thing about his ’91 straight 6 F-150, and for the most part I agree about new trucks.(I drive a ’95 T100) But 20MPG? I think those straight sixxers get more like 13.

  • Maxwell Bird

    how do i get this guys job??? lol

  • Argo

    Well, I just saw this reply and I wanted to reply. Yes it does get 20 MPG highway, but there are a few factors that get it there. First, it is 2wd. Second, it has a heavy duty 4 speed manual transmission with a super low first gear for moving heavy loads from a dead stop. This is important to note because of factor number three, which is the final drive ratio is 2.73:1 which keeps the engine right in it’s “sweet spot” at 55-60 MPH. Factor number four is that I drive it like an old man, and I always go the speed limit and I don’t accelerate like a race car. Factor number five is that I modified the cooling system with a hotter thermostat (205 degrees, vs 195 for the stock thermostat) and eliminated the engine driven fan for twin electric fans instead that I power from a stand alone thermostatic control. Factor number six is that I use all synthetic fluids, from oil, to trans fluid, to drive axle lubricant, and I am meticulous about maintenance and tire pressure. I got 11 MPG towing a loaded car trailer with a 1968 Chevelle race car on it to and from the drag strip last summer. The combined weight of the car, trailer, and tools and equipment my friend and I brought with us was about 8,500 lbs. My truck pulled it no problem, and I never had to downshift out of 4th to pull a grade at 55 MPH. I am not afraid to work her hard, but I never abuse her.