2015 Smart ForTwo Spied Winter Testing

2015 Smart ForTwo Spied Winter Testing

Spy photos of the next generation Smart ForTwo are showing the car undergoing cold weather testing. 

Daimler’s littlest arm is going to get a little more shapely in the coming generation with styling cues to come from the Forstars concept seen during the Paris Motor Show last September. The mule seen here doesn’t have anything in common with what the production car will look like, but more revealing test cars can’t be far away.

That’s because its expected to go on sale in 2014 when it will come with a range of gas, diesel and electric powertrains. The electric and gasoline-powered cars will likely carry over, but diesel remains a difficult proposition to U.S. buyers.

GALLERY: 2015 Smart ForTwo spy photos


  • Jeffrey

    Hope they are improving things.  When they first came out I purchased on for my daughter.  She sadly died before it arrived.   After a year wait I got my deposit back.  Would have been nice to have it around to remember her, but don’t even have that.

    Personally I would love to have a diesel one.  And hope they have a fix for the clunky trany 

  • SkippyThorson

    I’m usually only here for the cars, but I had to comment. So sorry to hear that. I have a Smart and love it, but no car is worth saving in the end. Your daughter’s life and memory are worth more than any car.

  • Ken_r_mer

    Was envious of the Canadians having the Smart diesel for a few years, knowing it couldn’t be brought across the border to the US. When the Smart hit the US shores, I was again disappointed with the size increase (including the weight) and a poorer quality engine with a less than mediocre mpg for its size.



  • Tim

    I always felt that if they could just fix/update the auto-manual to shift a lot faster, they could dramatically cut the 0-60 time and overall response without doing anything else. There’s at least two seconds lost in the 0-60 just because of the slow shifts.

    The main problem for the brand is that it hasn’t kept competitive by not updating since its introduction. Couple that with having only a two-seat model, and they can’t even really capture repeat customer sales. While I like the one I have, I really can’t see having two two-seaters in our family. So, there is no chance of buying another smart at least until we replace the current one. And that wouldn’t happen if I can get nearly the same MPG from a bigger-class car.

    The diesel option would be excellent if it didn’t cost a fortune. It should push the smart well past 50 MPG. THAT, I would consider getting…

  • Minmar

    I have had a 2006 diesel….here in Canda for 1 1/2 yrs and 51K miles at 61MPG….however only gas avaiable since 2007.  
    The article above says “diesel remains a difficult proposition to U.S. buyers.”Could someone tell me why? If US folks don’t go diesel then Canada is too small a market to get them from MerBenz..
    I have written MB Canada…no response.

  • Duncantribute

    Oh Dear, what an ugly duckling…

  • Kpjabird

    remember, we can’t blame Smart for the ignorance of the US government!!!

  • Jakerisridger

    It’s a Renault twingo but shorter.

  • It looks like a Scion IQ

  • Englishtnscones

    If you get this car winter-worthy, I’ll get one.  Here in Chicago, we need that.  I asked a woman who had one how it was when it snowed and she said it wasn’t good.  That’s a deal-breaker for me.  Sorry.  I wish Jeeps were as economical.

  • Englishtnscones

    It’s already here, Tom. 

  • Englishtnscones

    So very true, Kpjabird! Being an American, I couldn’t be more frustrated with my fellow countrymen/women for consistently voting Republican; the party that fights all good environmental improvements on cars.

  • Ronald

    sorry for my writting i’m from Quebec i own a 2010 gas and in whinter with the right tire its a blast to get on the highway and go i’d try it in a storm left lane not plowd and car going 40 to 50 mile an hrs in right lane i was passing every one at 60 mph thks for traction control if u dont speed to much u can get 50 mpg if u have a led foot u drop the economy trust me on it

  • Auxnewsalt

    I am in the US with a 2005 Smart diesel that has crossed the border from Canada. It has been in my possession less than a year and I really enjoy it. I believe the US population was discouraged by GM’s automotive diesel attempt of the late 70’s and only a couple non-truck diesel offerings by US manufacturers since then. Now GM is bringing its diesel powered Cruze to the US after a relatively successful run in Europe – THERE IS HOPE! I continually talk up the benefits of Diesel to those who will listen, but the oil companies are not helping when they keep diesel prices 8 to 20% higher than gasoline.

  • Phcmegan

    Are the Smart Roadsters being sold in the US?  If so are all Smart dealers carrying them?

  • Smartiny

    I sure hope that it doesn’t look like that, they need to keep it looking closer to what the 2008 – 2013 ones look like  – because they are adorable. 

  • Valpo67

    I sure would like a diesel option.  I know the marketing people don’t think Americans like diesels, but those of us who love our Smart cars are not the “normal” car buyers.  And if a 60 mpg diesel were available in the States, I’m betting sales would go up.

  • Rue

    That is one ugly little M**********r. Awful!

  • Stephanie Swaney Brandhoefer

    Another reason is Americans think diesel is dirty. We remember black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes of cars in the 70’s that ran on diesel. Also, we see it coming out of the exhausts pipes of semi trucks.
    Some of us know better though! I would love to have a diesel and I wouldn’t mind paying extra for the fuel.