Alfa Romeo 4C Officially Revealed Before Geneva Debut

Alfa Romeo 4C Officially Revealed Before Geneva Debut

Alfa Romeo has released the first official photos and info on the mid-engine rear-drive 4C, which will make its first public appearance the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Power comes from the brand’s four-cylinder 1.7-liter turbo engine, said to make 237 hp, mated to Alfa’s TCT twin clutch automatic transmission. The Italian brand says that it has achieved its goal of keeping the power to weight ratio below 8 lbs. per horsepower, suggesting that the gross vehicle weight will be less than 2,200 lbs.

The cockpit of the car is made of carbon fiber, while two aluminium sub-frames are tacked on to house the engine and suspension, as well as provide a crumple zone.

A new “Race” mode has been added to the 4C to enhance the car’s track abilities, accompanying Dynamic, Natural and All Weather mode options. The car is also equipped with paddle shifters.

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Alfa will build 2,500 4C’s a year, 1,000 of which will come stateside. The car will be on sale here before the end of 2013n and will spearhead the Italian brand’s return to the United States. The car is rumored to cost around 60,000 Euros, which translates roughly to $80,554.

The car will be built by Maserati at its plant in Modena.

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  • Nowhere near as pretty as the 8C.

  • Golota2834

    Nowhere near the price either……………………………

  • Brogersdc

    they need to add a roadster/convertable in the 25k to 30k to get the volumn and recognition… most can’t afford another mortgage…

  • Fred Ebrahimi

    I agree, to get this wonderful brand in hands of young people 30K is great top end.
    I’m still driving my 1978 red Spider and young people drool over it. Let’s make this romantic
    brand popular and not just for selected few with attention span of a flea.

  • peteraltschuler

    I’m sure this will appeal to testosterone-infused men with more money than style, but it’s hard to imagine that the company that produced the astonishingly beautiful 8C or the still head-turning Giulietta Spider (mine just turned 52) can create something with the steroidal angularity of the equally unattractive Ferrari Enzo.

  • I am thinking the engine needs to be 2L and only 6DCT?  

    If it is a GTR, then maybe.  But this really needs to be 7 or 8 speed.

  • BTW, since ALFA is an anronym, the proper name is ALFA Romeo.

    Any automotive journalist whould know this.

  • Marksgtv

    Proportions look awkward… The front end’s weird… the position of the headlights too high.

  • Bob Munce

    I have owned 5 ALFA’s and liked them all.  Where do I put in my order.

  • Don Tomaso

    I;’m all in; will they be user friendly in Canada?

  • redhaven

    Agreed.  I wish they would just make a new Fiat Spider.  I have a 500 and I am hooked.

  • Nbuttriss

    Used to hate the 75 & 33 when new, now quite like them, time is a funny thing! but this looks like a Lotus good or bad time will tell.

  • Alfisti

    80 K+ for a 4 cylinder sport coupe?!!  237 HP not enough !! just built it out of steel and aluminum and sell it for 40K with a 2.5 turbo with about 300 HP and I will sign the order

  • Generaljimt

    Still not the mainstream product here…Just another “halo” car… When do we see some “real Alfas”…You know what I mean…The kind that BMW dreams of making….

  • FTA – “The Italian brand says that it has achieved its goal of keeping the power to weight ratio below 8 lbs. per horsepower, suggesting that the gross vehicle weight will be less than 2,200 lbs.”

    … at 237 horsepower, the car would need to weigh less than 1896 lbs for this goal to be achieved. If the car actually weighs 2200 lbs, the car would need to produce over 275 hp for the goal to have been met.

    It will be interesting to see who’s failed math class.

  • Mitch

    I lived in Europe 2005-2010…

    ….Overseas  fiats and alfa’s are known as “pretty” but unreliable overpriced junk cars –  at least in the UK and Germany where I lived.

    They are failing in general overseas with their sales goal – hense they bail chrysler  out so they can fool us and sell thier overpriced unreliable junk here… 

    Anybody stupid enough to pay $88,000 for essentially a pontiac solstice deserves to lose all thier money

    especially  when the new c7  stingray is $55,000 and a 650 hp shelby is $65,000

    …I guess marketing is everything 🙂

  • GeniusGeorge

    Any retard should know how to spell would… Oh wait, never mind.

  • GT Frank

    80k seems a bit to much for the US market even if there are only 1000 coming stateside. Pricing it at 60k would have made it an instant success. Then the dealers would get to mark it up and not Alfa.