Alfa Romeo to Outsell Fiat in America: Chrysler Exec

Alfa Romeo to Outsell Fiat in America: Chrysler Exec

Chrysler believes that Alfa Romeo, once brought back to the U.S., will eventually outsell the Fiat brand in America.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is expected to start selling in the United States later this year, and the Italian automaker will share dealer space with existing Fiat dealerships. Once the Alfa Romeo model lineup is filled out, Chrysler expects the brand to outsell Fiat according to Peter Grady, head of network development for the Chrysler Group.

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Outside of North America, Chrysler will the global footprint and premium position of the Jeep brand to build Alfa Romeo’s distribution network. Sergio Marchionne, Fiat-Chrysler CEO, has said numerous times that he believes Jeep and Alfa Romeo are the only true global brands in the automaker’s portfolio.

Chrysler hopes to have 10 Fiat and six Alfa Romeo models on sale in America and Canadian markets by 2016.

[Source: Reuters]

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