Cadillac Targets Livery Industry with Fleet-Focused XTS

Cadillac Targets Livery Industry with Fleet-Focused XTS

Lincoln’s long-lived Town Car served fleet duty for decades, but the obsolete large sedan finally reached the end of the line about a year and a half ago. Now the competition is moving swiftly to fill the vacuum left behind by Ford’s departed “panther” car, including Cadillac. 

Yes, archrival Cadillac is targeting the ever-important livery market with a new version of its XTS luxury sedan.

The company is making a special options group available on its flagship model. The W20 Livery Package offers fleet customers many of the luxury touches found on top-of-the-line XTS Platinum sedans.

Some of these upgrades include a backup camera, 19-inch wheels and LED-illuminated exterior door handles. A micro-fiber suede headliner as well as a rear-seat comfort package, which includes heated seats, window sunshades and a power inverter is also part of the package. Additionally, navigation is provided by the company’s CUE telematics system.

What Cadillac is doing with the W20 Livery Package is kind of unique. They’re offering fleet customers a higher-end vehicle that’s loaded with amenities. A lot of times livery companies purchase bare-bones luxury vehicles, but this special XTS should offer passengers a new level of comfort.

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Cadillac’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by fleet businesses. Carey International, the world’s largest livery firm has already signed up to purchase 150 new XTS W20 Professional Services Sedans.

Gary Kessler, president and CEO of the company said “We chose the XTS as the cornerstone of the Carey brand because it represented the perfect combination of power, luxury, technology and sophistication that our customers desire and demand today.”

After extensively testing 24 different vehicles Carey decided to go with Cadillac. “In the end, the decision to go with the XTS was a no brainer,” Kessler said. It looks like Caddy’s XTS could become the Lincoln Town Car of the 21st Century.

GALLERY: 2013 Cadillac XTS W20 Livery Package


GALLERY: 2013 Cadillac XTS


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