Chevrolet SS Sedan Not Heading to Canada

Chevrolet SS Sedan Not Heading to Canada

The all-new Chevrolet SS sedan will not be heading to Canada, General Motors has confirmed.

Going on sale later this year in America, Canadians won’t be able to enjoy the new 415 hp, 415 lb-ft of torque SS that’s powered by the American automaker’s 6.2-liter V8 engine.

The announcement comes as a surprise to those north of the border as the car’s predecessor, the Pontiac G8, was offered in the true north strong and free.

The SS sedan won’t be the only model that has a discrepancy between the American and Canadian markets. In Canada, Chevrolet offers the Trax and Orlando, both of which aren’t available in America. But in this case, Canada is definitely getting the short end of the stick. Americans surely aren’t sulking over not being able to buy a Trax or Orlando.

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

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  • Crony

    Yeah just like we got shafted in not getting the GTO when it came out in 04′ What a rip. Screw you GM! Take that Canadian NASCAR fans. Won’t even be a able to buy the car that they race. Stupid GM.

  • Colum Wood

    Great point Crony. There are plenty of NASCAR fans in Canada, and it’s just a tease to see the SS NASCAR on the track and not be able to buy it.

  • Pei9c1

    screwed over AGAIN!  Time to jump ship and forget about GMChina………Go Chrysler

  • Chevrolet_impala96

    As a GM (pre 1996 models) fan, I don’t care for this car or any new GM model, the shapes are ugly, the management is poor, and Canadians can enjoy a Charger SRT-8 which is a lot better looking The frond end, the rear, the dash. Compare the two, you’ll go for the star over bowtie.

  • Tvetter

    From what I hear from the local dealer price tag will be above 60k…so very few will be able to afford this car anyway…good luck GM…

  • scottie

    I won’t miss another vehicle imported to North America with the fuel filler on the wrong side creating more aggravation at the pumps

  • Mike

    None of the cars race in NASCAR are available to the consumer. There are zero common parts between the NASCAR tube frame chassis and a production vehicle. If you want to see production chassis being raced you have to look to the Continental Tire series.