Fastest Lamborghini Ever Coming to Geneva Motor Show

Fastest Lamborghini Ever Coming to Geneva Motor Show

Tight-lipped about the car it will bring to this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini says only that it will be the fastest car in its history.

Designer Filippo Prini says it will be “a big surprise,” a big claim given that the roofless Aventador J borered on automotive insanity last year. What’s more exciting is that the “fastest car” claim means it will sit above the track-only Sesto Elemento and that the show car will be road ready.

That means the car will top the car’s already bone-shaking 2.5-second 0-60 time and 200 mph top speed.

Road ready doesn’t necessarily mean street legal and it likely won’t be if Lamborghini is topping its track-specific car. Regardless, the brand plans to sell the car, going to far as to tell Drive that one-off cars are a part of the brand’s future business plan. Buyers typically pay multi million-dollar price tags for one-off Lamborghinis.

Last year the automaker announced a new facility to build specialty models like the Sesto Elemento, but it stands to reason that the facility will also help the brand offer more one-off models.

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