Jeep Twitter Account Hacked, Hilarity Ensues

Jeep Twitter Account Hacked, Hilarity Ensues

In the land of the Internet, nothing stays private, as the folks who run Jeep’s twitter feed have just found out. 

The apparently hacked twitter feed talks about Jeep being sold to Cadillac, and suggests that Jeep’s CEO smokes illicit drugs. “You’ll never catch @50cent ridin in a Dirty Ass @Jeep,” reads one of the tweets.

Recently, Burger King had its twitter feed hacked, presumably by the same person or people who decided to take over Jeep’s feed, based on the similarity of the tweets. The background image for Jeep page also shows a “donked” out vehicle painted in a McDonald’s theme, an obvious link to the Burger King hack that also promoted rival McDonalds.

As though there was any doubt, Cadillac is not involved in the hack as some sort of cross-town prank. Cadillac PR rep Jordana Strosberg tweets “Hi Twitterverse! @Cadillac is not involved with the @Jeep hack.”

With the massive surge of social media in the automotive world, automakers clearly to need to begin taking their security a little more seriously.