Jeep Wrangler Diesel Under Consideration

Jeep Wrangler Diesel Under Consideration

Depending on how successful the sales are for the Grand Cherokee diesel, Jeep may bring a Wrangler diesel to market.

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup sees the addition of a 3.0-liter diesel engine with 420 lb-ft of torque while maintaining an impressive 30 mpg on the highway. Leaked pricing shows that the Grand Cherokee diesel would fetch a $4,500 premium over the standard, gasoline V6 option.

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Of course, the extra torque offered by a diesel powerplant as well as its fuel economy would make a great fit for the Wrangler. The high torque would be of great value to Wrangler off-roaders, and is something that Wrangler customers have been clamoring for over the years.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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  • Greenjeep1998

    The needlessly fat 4dr JK’s could use something that torquey, especially with the 8-speed backing it up!

  • Rhinoscores

    Diesel?  If Jeep really wants to get out in front of its competition it will market CNG powered REAL trucks, not wimped down suvs 

  • I have been waiting for  diesel powered “real” Jeep since they offered one in their Grand Cherokee. Probably never get approved in the socialists states of California, New York, etc.!

  • So after 10+ years of building this vehicle and selling it everywhere in world but the US, Jeep has finally decided to “maybe”  sell some here?

    This is some far thinking marketing strategy.

    I have designed and almost completed my built from scratch Diesel Scrambler in the meantime.

    People in the Jeep community have been begging for this product since 2000 great to see some movement.


  • Rayj2415

    It’s time!

  • Sdorr95603

    I agree. And in countries like the Philippines where diesels are preferred it would be and advantage. Most jeep owners change out their engines there cause diesel is cheaper
    and you get better mileage. 

  • Wxthree

    There already is a Wrangler diesel in Australia but it’s not the 3.0 litre V6 over here it has a 2.8 litre 4 from VM Motori, nice but I’d be real happy with a V6 diesel Wrangler, just waiting and hoping and why not Jeep is really working hard at reinventing itself right now so anything is possible.

  • Well they approved the Grand Cherokee (and many other cars), didn’t they, half-wit?

  • Armed&Liberal

    Wait so there will be a diesel Wrangler based on the sales of that fugly new pseudo Cherokee? Guess I can stop planning to preorder.

  • Jono Price

    Finally!  How many letters do I have to write to get someone at Chrysler to listen to reason.  My 02 Volkswagen TDI has 280,000 miles w/out an ounce of trouble and still gets 42mpg.  Last Chrysler I had didn’t make it to 100,000 before motor issues and the fuel economy/torque sucked!

  • PilotDave

    I purchased a Rubicon the first year they made them – 2003. Its time to replace it, but will no diesel sold here even though they have been made for other markets this entire time. So, I now have a Jetta TDI… will buy a Rubicon ONLY if its diesel.

  • Guido

    Chrysler has destoyed the wrangler and it’s intended use. Leather interior? give me a break. Chrysler is all about form over function. Parts are cheep. Electronics are a joke. Service is worst in the industry. IMO.

  • Chrispaine97

    If they put a small Cummins diesel in the wrangler I will buy one!!!!

  • BobbyOne

    That’s stupid… I think the Wrangler Diesel would be a better starting
    point for offering the a diesel in the Jeep as all the off-roaders would
    eat it up… I have a 06 Wrangler and am always seeing in the forums
    and Jeep magazines articles, write-ups, and discussions about diesel swaps…
    Hell, the American public needs diesel shoved down their throats
    whether they want them or not. Get over the “change/ something new”
    anxiety-syndrome and just do it. It’s better for the environment, there for better for the public/ consumer/ YOU anyway. – Might be a higher fuel-price than gasoline… But I think it’s about time we bite the bullet on this one already…

  • Gary16011969

    I have a Tj 2003 4.0 it’s amazing how it is
    I just wish it had a turbo u all can have your diesel I say

  • Bckarpman

    If you look at ARB videos ,those Ausie 4×4’s are always diesel, whats up with this country? We should demand more diesel

  • Cris

    what it is also strange is that, in Europe, the Wrangler Diesel is a reality. The engine is a VM Motori engine, same supplier of the new GrandC.. and VM Motori is owned (51%) by FIAT, that means that also the engine is an internal business. With the ever increasing demand of diesel engine in the US it is beyond my comprehension why Jeep/Chrisler are not feeding the market with a product that they already have.. please note that the engine I am refering to, an i4 2.8l, is by no means a powerhouse (200HP – dont remember torque) but it also not too heavy compared to the Pentastar so, again, it is a matter of packing up the engine, ship them to the US, get them adapted to the local pollution requirements (so you have a CA compliant model and all) and you are done..

  • De Jager Laubscher

    Well here in South Africa we also have the VM Motori i4 2.8 CRD Diesel Wranglers, They are awesome, but we only get the Sahara’s in Diesel, Everyone wants a Diesel Rubicon.
    I so hope Jeep will see that there is a great need for a Diesel Rubicon, I know people that bought other brands just because they could not get a Diesel Rubicon