McLaren P1 Production Model Heading to Geneva

McLaren P1 Production Model Heading to Geneva

For those counting down the days until the official reveal of the McLaren P1, the brand announced today that the production version will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. 

McLaren posted a teaser video which claims that the car is ‘Race’ ready, likely a hint at the car’s ‘Race’ mode which changes the graphics on the digital dash giving the driver the most appropriate information when it comes to driving fast.

The video shows off a digital tachometer, as well as an animated display which visualizes the deployment of the car’s automatic spoiler. Lastly, a F1-like rev-indicator that lights up Green, Red and Blue in order for the driver to see when to shift. The video also shows off the P1’s 9,000 RPM red-line.

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McLaren confirmed that the vehicle that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show will indeed be the production-ready model.

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GALLERY: McLaren P1 Digital Dash


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