MINI Connected Adds Driving Excitement Analyser

MINI Connected Adds Driving Excitement Analyser

MINI Connected has added a “Driving Excitement Analyser” to highlight how skillfully (and safely) drivers are handling their MINI vehicles.

The Driving Excitement Analyser is the newest addition to the existing Driving Excitement suite of features and is included in the latest MINI Connected App update. MINI owners can download the free update starting in March 2013 from the Apple App Store and it can be uploaded to their vehicles through their iPhone.

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Essentially, the Driving Excitement Analyser awards experience points (XP) for sporty but safe driving by monitoring how drivers accelerate, shift, steer, and stop their vehicles. For example, praise is given with precise gear shifts, controlled braking, smooth cornering, and U-turns executed at well-judged speeds. In other words, it’s a game within your MINI to pat you on the back for doing a job well done while behind the wheel. Shift your MINI in less than 1.2 seconds within the ideal rev range and you’ll be awarded the maximum XP amount.

The opposite is true as well; drive dangerously and you’ll be awarded no points. Topping 100 points in any of the four categories will move you to the next level and drivers can collect badges along the way.

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