New Mazda Rotary Engine in Development

New Mazda Rotary Engine in Development

Mazda has confirmed that it’s working on a new rotary engine that could see production within five years.

The rotary, which last saw production in the RX-8 sports car, has been removed from the Japanese automaker’s lineup due to its low efficiency. In a world where every automaker is trying to get as fuel efficient as possible while maintaining performance, Mazda had to shelf its rotary engine.

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Unfortunately, production on this new rotary engine hasn’t been confirmed, though Mazda engineers are optimistic. The Japanese automaker is leveraging a lot of its technology from the SkyActive engine program and applying it to the rotary engine to help improve its fuel economy and output.

If the new rotary does make it to production, a naturally aspirated variant will be offered initially; a turbocharged version would come later on once testing has proved it reliable.

“The challenger spirit that has made us the world leader in rotary engines is still alive and well at Mazda,” said Mazda President and CEO Takashi Yamanouchi.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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  • smartacus

    I’ll take One SkyActiv-Diesel Wankel, please …

  • ryan

    I guess this is what happens when the greenies take over at R&D. How sad

  • ryan

    We need a 3 rotor renesis like the one in the Furai that is flexi fuel.


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