RAM 1500 Becomes Industry-First Half-Ton Diesel Pickup

RAM 1500 Becomes Industry-First Half-Ton Diesel Pickup

Recently emancipated and breaking new ground, Chrysler’s Ram pickup truck brand just announced that the RAM 1500 pickup truck will be available this year with a diesel V6. 

When they arrive in the third quarter of 2013 as a 2014 model, it will be the first time a light-duty pickup truck is sold with a diesel engine.

“Truck owners have been emphatically asking for it, and Ram will be the only manufacturer to offer a diesel powertrain in the half-ton segment with the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel,” said Ram CEO Fred Diaz.

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A 3.0-liter diesel engine will be fitted to an eight-speed automatic transmission and is expected to offer best-in-class fuel efficiency ad torque. Chrysler hasn’t released official output figures for the diesel Ram 1500 yet, but this is the same engine Jeep will soon offer in the Grand Cherokee. In that application, it offers 420 lb-ft of torque, can tow up to 7,400 lbs and is said to manage 30 mpg on the highway.

“The half-ton truck market is incredibly competitive, and although we’re honored the Ram 1500 has received a number of prestigious awards, we cannot rest on what we have accomplished, we must keep pushing,” Diaz said.

Correction: the RAM 1500 will be the industry’s only diesel half-ton, but not the industry’s first.

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  • Impreza555

    it will be the first time a light-duty pickup truck is sold with a diesel engine in the USA in a long time would be more accurate

  • Larry1978

    F-150 does that now with a gas motor!!! What would be the reason for purchasing a diesel that inturn costs more for fuel, labor, and to maintain? I owned a 2006 F-250 diesel and now own a F-150 that can tow the same with less costs for fuel and oil changes.

  • Duwa

    Just like Impreza555 stated, You best be changing the title of this article. It wasn’t that long ago that a 6.5L turbo was available in a 1/2ton GM pick up. Before that a 6.2L N/A Diesel….

  • Rndard

    About damn time, someone grew a set and put a diesel in a half ton.

  •  I don’t believe an F150 can tow as much as an F250.

  • Cummins man

    You’re way off the mark.  Most countries in the world operate around diesel engines as they are more efficient, have better power bands than gas, improved longevity… the list goes on…  Diesel is a far better technology than gas.  Especially these days.

  • dave

    dodge aint the first to offer a half ton diesel chevy already did that with the 6.5l ya’ll are idiots

  • jason

    Too bad it won’t be a Cummins motor in there…Thank Fiat for that.

  • Snake

    Chevy first had a deisal in a half ton.

  • Hightoweracres

    You’re basing your bad experiences on a power stroke. It’s no wonder you think diesels are costly. Should of had a Cummins.

  • Moo951

     It can for the first couple miles, then…..

  • Harang933

    Gov. Motors had a half ton with the 350 converted diesel, piece of goverment shirt, the detroit 6was good for 100,000 then junk, like the corvair,

  • Harang933

    You must be a finacial adviser for Obama, everything you said was crap. But ill give you this you might been right in that the 6.0 was always in LIMP mode was a piece of junk.

  • Bear

    If you like Ford so much why you on here .Had Ford what junk

  • Johnboy

    Sorry Harang, but the 6.2/6.5 GM diesels ain’t the same as the Olds 5.7 diesel pile of crap, not by a long shot. They’re not the best, but they’re not on that level of terrible.

  • Q Jones

    Chevy/GMC had the first diesel in a half ton pickup.

  • Thor

    Hey, besides the 6.2/6.5 in GMC and Chevys, DODGE offered the mitsubishi 6DR5 in the D150 in 1978?  It’s okay, I drove one and if I was dodge I wouldn’t mention it either!

  • Obarsdeals

    I’m getting 25-27 in my 1993 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9 Diesel and 5 speed, what the hell! They can definitly do better than this!!

  • John E

    volkswagen offers a diesel in there pickup last year-too bad we can’t get one here in the US.overseas only for now.

  • How is this an ‘industry first’?  My first vehicle was an 89 Silverado 1500 with a diesel, and it got about the same fuel milage they’re rating this at.

  • So they claim to get 25MPG with their gas engine now, yet that’s all this diesel gets?  Something doesn’t add up. This thing should break 30.

  • gk.price@keepandbeararms.com

    Jeff – evidentally you don’t understand what’s been done here !  pick-ups, even 1/2 ton pick-ups, are heavy – the 25 mpg model is a V-6 with anemic power at best – this V-6 diesel is long awaited and will surely be followed by a GM V-6 diesel, a Tundra diesel and most likely a Ford version – the world of trucks is about to change forever

  • gk.price@keepandbeararms.com

    well, then, why don’t you just keep driving your ’93 !!  I’ll take the NEW truck with all the trimmings

  • gk.price@keepandbeararms.com

    and you are full of B.S. – the 6.2 was a good motor albeit underpowered and when you turbo’d it you blew it up – they did get 20+ mpg but certainly NOT 30 mpg (unless you flunked math too)

  • Robert d

    it will do better than 30 when you uncork it with a tuner remember ladys and gents they cant give every thing with the epa killing them it will probably have an egr to block an dfp more than likely a bule def system so it will take a lil while for some one to crack it but when they do these will probably be 38mpg trucks they should have lighter front ends than the 2500 even if you get 4×4 so there will be some advantages right off the back

  • Robert d

    What do you have done to this 93 that wasen’t done from the factory?

  • Robert d

    wonder why we use the 6.5 in the humvee? if it is such a turd so your comment is irrelevant  your thinking the olds 5.7 diesel that was a turd that was a converted 350.

  • Robert d

    wrong idiot it was a 6.2 non turbo

  • JasonG

    Too bad they didn’t bring back the 3.9L 4BT?  Plenty of folks seem to like taking them out of step vans and planting them in their 1/2 ton trucks. Smaller and cheaper than a 5.9 6BT.

  • robert d

    Because ford cant build a diesel to save there life rofl good thing you upgraded to the f150 the 6.0 is trash the new 6.7 i hear is much better than the 6.blow. But still cant compete with cummins been playing the game to long ford got a long way to go motor wise. Dodge could learn how to make a transmission tho.

  • Robert d

    Dose what ford stand for Found On Road Dead bahaha

  • Minimag1989

     They also came with a 6.5, You can use a 6.2 block and 6.5 heads and have a decent motor. 25-28 mpg out of the chevy 1500 is not out of the question

  • chadbag

    A 93 won’t have all the eco crap.   At low altitude, my 2000 2500 5.9 would get 25mpg pure Hwy.  My current 2006 MegaCab with the 5.9 (one of the last before the Bluetec crap IIRC) will get 22-23 mpg pure Hwy miles at low altitude. Here at 4500 ft in Utah it will reach 20 purge Hwy mpg.  (Neither had anything done to them).  And remember, the “new” ultra low sulfur diesel has less energy per unit volume than did 1990s diesel and hence will have lower mpg.

  • Dieselmaster

    Dont forget… Our 12 valves dont eat shit through an egr, dont have a massive cork in the tailpipe and dont throw perfectly good fuel or pisswater down the tailpipe

  • Dieselmaster

    And last but not least our trucks dont have a bunch of bullshit “luxury” accesories that add useless weight and load the electrical system thereby killing more mileage.

  • Albertp

    How is this a “first”?  GM offered diesels in 1/2 tons for years. Not the best engines, but they still offered them. This article impliesthat Dodge is breaking all new ground here, seems like some shoddy reporting here.

  • Ltdan 84

    Who cares if 20 years ago you could get a Chevy 1500 with a crap diesel? The important thing is that Ram is doing it now. This is a much better idea that hybrid pickups. Your Ford or Dodge or Chevy gasser v6 may be able to get 25 mpg on the highway with just you in it, not towing or hauling anything. But what happens when you put a load on it, or do anything a truck is meant to do? I remember not long ago all three Detroit truck makers had plans for half ton diesels, but then scrapped them as the hybrid craze took off. Just glad to see that there will finally be a 1500 diesel!

  • Ksdancy

    The company I worked for at the time purchased several of the GMC diesel 1/2 ton pu’s. We wound up pulling the diesel engines out and installing 350 gas engines.
    They killed the market for 1/2 ton diesels with those converted, poorly designed engines. I suspect the cummins will be much better.

  • Phishbate2

    See what I mean now… Every time a thread is started it’s all bickering and moaning to see who has the biggest brain. Who cares about Chevy… This thread is on dodge new 1500 diesel. Good work and I’m patient to see the price tag. Also to see if it come with a 6spd.ill be in line if it does. Strip the crap off the engine put a mild tune and a good clutch.

  • guest

    gm’s “half ton” diesel pickups were really 3/4 tons with a lower gvw, they had eight lug axles and heavy frames with a gvw just barely under 8500.

  • Bobjw

    Wrangler needs a diesel option too as well as the Dakota

  • Don

    Nissan from what I read @ 6 months ago indicated the Titan would be coming out with a diesel for 2014 model yr.  They actually have a diesel configuration for the smaller truck (frontier) since @2005 unfortunately we can’t get it here in the States ? Go figure

  • ol smokey

    they did not have 8 lug axles if they were a half ton. There are lots of 6 lug 6.5 trucks out there. If you don’t believe me ol smokey will set ya straight, lol.

  • You wouldn’t understand

    gk.price- evidentally you don’t understand what Jeff is saying. He had a diesel 15 years ago in a half ton pickup that got the same amount of mileage. Now 15 years later, this is supposed to be a big deal?
    The world of trucks is going to change forever, that doesn’t mean it will be a good change.

  • Steve

    the important thing is that this will be the beginning of what truck owners have been asking for!  be it a ford, chevy, dodge, nissan, toyota or what ever else you prefer, this is going to usher in a long awaited era of vehicles that the public has been wanting for a very long time. 

    sure Chevy’s done it before, but not with any real success… so +1 to chevy for trying and -1 to chevy for only kind of trying.  lets just be happy it’s finally happening!   

  • Modsqwad

    Sorry to disagree but dodge put a 6 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel in the 78/79 ram 100. This is not exactly an industry first.

  • For the torque, the tow rating seems very very light compared to the gas versions of the truck! Why? If tow capacity gets up close to 10,000lbs. I may have to buy one as fuel savings would make the truck pay for itself.

  • MSRP will be 55,000 🙂

  • ems

    I think I remember that. Wasn’t it a Mitsubishi engine?

  • Seilertechco

    Why don’t they offer a Cummins 4BT ? 

  • Bb

    It is still a 1/2 ton truck, towing is probably hindered by the wheels, rear axle, spring rates, etc.  I know with the F150 it is rated for 10k towing but I would bet it wouldn’t last long doing so…

  • Br8ksk8_06

    Dodge is not the first half ton truck with a diesel Chevy had 1 in the 90s with the 6.5 take that dodge

  • Damvfd

     Guess again they had a 5.7 (a 350) converted from gas to Diesel before that. It was a POS too. and the 6.5 was way later than the 6.2 that started it all

  • Retired Fire Captain

    You guys should really do some fact checking. Not to bash Dodge, but GM did this with the 6.2 and 6.5 diesels nearly thirty years ago. They even had the Oldsmobile diesel way back in 1978.

  • Guest

    Br8ksk8_06 you are so grown up. My 6 year old talks like that.

  • Jwsailor

    that Chevy was only available in the 3/4 ton and it was a modified gas burner that failed miserably

  • Lostcowboy

    It isnt first and most of you are idiots. Chevy had 5.7 in cars and half ton trucks, 6.2 and 6.5 in suvs and all trucks. Rangers had Mitsubishi diesels, Toyotas could be bought with a toyota diesel, dodge had diesel in half ton in late 70s. They are saying in the new generation trucks Dodge offers a diesel in a half ton. Now everyone tell me Im wrong, then do your research and find out you are. Good job Dodge. Keep Dodges rolling up to those green pumps.

  • Jimmy

    Guys you have to go way back. Dodge was in fact the first to offer a diesel in a half ton pickup. It was in the mid ’70s. A 225 slant six conversion. I remember the headline in a pickup magazine, “zero to sixty in less than a minute”. It was a total disaster.

  • Danblattenbauer

    I owned two Chevy half ton 6.2 diesel pickups in the early 80’s.  So their ad is not correct unless they are saying this is the first half ton Dodge Ram diesel.

  • Harrellm2000

    Just wondering, is this engine made by Dodge or is it from someone else, like the Chev diesel

  • Zorann07

    I’m happy to hear a v6 diesel motor will be going in a 1500ram but none the less they are going to have dpf,egr, def too.. If you can delete egr and dpf then your mileage would sky rocket in a v6 diesel

  • Geomck

    Soon it will have as good a millage as my 96  2500 dodge D 30 mpg. With no pollution crap on mine it still puts out less CO2 than a new one ,How” 1/3 less oil wells ,service stations,tank trucks,and people, to make it go a mile then the new diesel trucks ,Cost less to maintain  and will last longer than a new one .This business of saving the world is costing a fortune  

  • Colum Wood

    It’s built as a partnership by Fiat and VW Motori – an Italian parts supplier

  • fatman45

    And with no guarantee of success in “saving the world”!

  • I had a 1997 Ram 2500 – got 18 – 23 mpg – was great truck on road or off. Have a 2012 Ram 3500 – get 11 – 13 mpg can’t idle as it plugs the “exhaust filter” no good as an off road or work truck. This is what happens when politicians listen to enviro creeps and dictate how to build trucks. My advise buy a pre 2003 and spend money to rebuild rather than lay out $50,000 + for new!

  • Hms4rent

     My father had a 89 suburban that he sold 2 yrs ago 280km 1/2 ton. He got 28mp/imp/g. If you ran it on the hwy at 70 to 75 mph your mileage would drop to about 23 to 25. 6.2l was not a power monster but reliable economy. Dodge is not creating the wheel here. It has been done with success, reliability, and cheap to maintain and repair. You would think you could get better mileage in this day and age especially with a 6 cylinder. Good luck Dodge. Glad to see a half RE introduced to the market with a diesel.

  • guest

    los chinos han inventado un coche que anda con una pila

  • I currently tow 8000lbs ~50x per year with a Tundra and it has held up well so far. I would love to see a truck get 25+mpg and tow 10000lbs. I know the 1500 Dodge hemi has a 10000lb rating. Wasnt sure the differences with the diesel given the torque

  • Toyota builds a 1/2 ton diesel pickup for the Australian market already. It’s too bad the author(s) for this article are not educated in their own industry!

  • Tony

    I pulled all the pollution stuff off my truck (EGR, cat and particulate filter) and put in a programmer, it improved fuel economy from 18.9 L/100 Km to 13.6L/100 Km.  That was great, except that the fumes coming out the tail pipe were really noxious.  I put the particulate system back on and smell has really cleared up, not sure if it will clog long term, but right now my fuel mileage is still great.

    I am now dealing with funny smells in the cab that have cost me a fortune to diagnose with no solution in sight.  My eyes have been burning, lungs getting sore.  Not sure if it is A/C system leaking, emissions getting into cab from under hood when fresh air vent is on, etc.  Also, my fuel pump started leaking because pressures from programmer likely too high.

    Bottom line, if I had to do it again, I would not recommend people pull their pollution stuff off as it has caused me a massive amount of headaches and extra costs of $6K and adding to sort out all the problems that were initiated as a result.

    Hate to say this, but I am anxiously awaiting the realease of the Toyota Tundra Diesel in the north american market as my 2008 Dodge 2500 has been a real lemon.  The U-Joints on the front end usually go once a year, had to replace the drive shaft U-joints, parking brake needs servicing about once every 6 months, pollution system light came on regularly, and on and on.

    My 1998 Dodge 1500 was amazing.  Never had a big problem in 500K of driving.  Then some jerk stole it.  But then that truck was built in Canada and the new Dodges are all built in Mexico. 

  • Cam

    Your right. I have a 95 Suburban 1500 with a 6.5 diesel. Only thing with the GMs though is there not a true half ton. With the diesel option it came on a 2500 series chassis but lower GVW so it could be registered as a 1500. Eather way I get better mileage and find it more reliable then my 2008 Cummins. I will never buy another dodge product as long as I live and will never buy any diesel after 2007 with emissions crap on it

  • Don

    diesels to high and 30mpg diesel is the same as 23  mpg in gas that being said  i do love diesel 
    but the fuels just to high 

  • gk.price@keepandbeararms.com

    anyone who would attempt to compare the 6.2 OR the 6.5 GM diesels to whatever Dodge comes out with will be shoveling against the tide !!  HECK ! the 6.5 and 6.2 weren’t even an “apples to apples” comparison !!

  • gk.price@keepandbeararms.com

    Hey ! nobody EVER said it would be “cheap” to get these new diesels to run properly but that ain’t the manufacturers’ faults !!  blame the idiot liberals for THAT !!

  • USvet

    You’re a idiot.

  • RealisticConservative

    with all due respect, what?

  • Zero7771415

    RAM not dodge & and jus like all other RAMS it’ll b a cummins.

  • Evilgto

     You do know your 6.7Cummins does wieght a ton right? Its very heavy and the front end cannot handle it, so replacing parts is granted, do some homework before you buy it, thats old news, every dodge front end with a cummins does it. Far as the 2013 Dodge 1500, i would buy one, if it wasnt 40K+ my future buy of a 01 Dakota is just fine.

  • Bandet_69r

    Good luck with this. The Cumming 5.9 early years ate the auto trans.up for snacks.I love my 2002 ram 6 speed cummings. I wanted a TRUCK, and got one.Not a pavement princess, or a pritty boy pick-up. The new Rams with smart supensions,and knob shifters are not for people who need a TRUCK, they are for city boys who like to shop big at costco. Dodge needs to remember that when it comes to a pick-up you don’t build it to be parked at starbucks, You build to load and haul. Basic and strong.

  • Carligary

    very nice for sure.i would like to see one in a power wagon half ton also.

  • Williamincostarica

    And when are you going to build a diesel hybrid truck and certified to run on biodiesel fuel.

  • bleh

    you’re AN idiot

  • Drhetherington

    Maybe the price would come down, If more people got Diesel’s and complaned too their sentors, often. They would have to listen.

  • Drhetherington

    They said they are not the first. Learn to read

  • Nignog

    so why dont they put duramaxs in 18 wheelers? o wait because they suck, and they are made by izuzu. yea

  • DieselTech

    yes but what you dont realize is you can put alot more behind a diesel and not change the fuel mileage much, if you put anything behind a gas the mpg will drop way to much

  • Your name

    yea, but the toyota puts out way to much emissions to be sold in the united states.  Also Fuck you and fuck Toyota

  • Paulsferg

    not the best are you kidding?how about the worst!

  • Marbles1972

    The article at the end has already made the correction, it said it wasn’t first.” To bad” you care about Toyota.

  • john

    I would never own anything other than a cummins,but I think dodge is going to ruin its hard core deisel immage by using a V6 engine,it might as well be a powerstroke or a mitsibushi (durimax).they should be using a 4bt

  • gk.price@keepandbeararms.com

    USVet – It’s “an” idiot …… moron I just “love” you “diesel guys” who whine and complain when some company comes out with something as good OR better but NOOOOOO … you chumps want your old crap or just something to grouse about – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (I suppose you LIKE 6 .0 powerstrokes too ….HA !)

  • Shane

    I would definitely consider buying one.

  • Inslurgent

    Own a Dodge Diesel assembled in Mexico and it is by far the biggest piece of junk sitting on rubber that I have ever owned.

    BUY Toyota!!

  • Lastboyscout

    I have a 1990 with auto and 310,000 miles. I did rebuild the 3 speed tran at 290,000, but it didn’t get eaten up. I do know folks removed the governor and damaged rears, but not auto trans.
    As for the diesel pavement princesses, just because you don’t want them don’t mean there is not a market for them. Dodge has 3/4 and 1 tons as you well know, you have one…..right? so what is your problem.
    Relax, drink another case of beer and watch NASCAR tomorrow.

  • M Wells

    If you remember back in the early 80’s olds had a 5.7 diesel in cars. It was a converted 350( a piece of crap)… Then in the early 90’s they had the 6.2 In half tons (another converted piece of crap). Just sayin’

  • Retired Fire Captain

     My parents had two of those oldsmobile 350 diesels. They got 38 miles per gallon. The first was traded in for the second, and the second one lasted for over 140,000 miles before it was traded in for a newer vehicle. not really crap if you ask me.

  • Toneykc2000

     The Duramax by the way is made by Isuzu, so you must not really know much about diesels. The Cummins is arguably the most dependable and durable of the group, but I feel made a wrong turn going away from the tried and true 5.9litre that consistently got 18 to 21 mpg, in trade for the 6.7litre version that only gets about 16 mpg at the very best. Everyone I know who has bought new Ram Trucks with the 6.7litre have been sorely disappointed with the fuel economy. Meanwhile, the Powerstroke and Duramax designs have had their issues, they have been able to get past them for the most part, while improving performance and fuel economy. My brother has a 6.0litre Powerstroke that consistently gets 18 mpg or better and has ample power. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cummins engines, but I think they went backwards with the current 6.7litre turbo diesel.

    The moral to my rant, know what you are talking about. My grandfather always said, it’s better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. People will say Pennzoil is the best oil in the world, because their dad has always used it, because his dad always used it…but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Knowing what you are talking about, before you talk about it commands respect and often results in more people asking you to tell them more about it because they can recognize that you know your stuff.

  • Tyler Hulse

    Have you ever done work on this said “Toyota” well to say the least I have. My ram is 20 times the truck and it gets twice the mileage. But i have to say those Toyota’s do make me a good pay check. Thanks for the help

  • Bill Bryan

    I have had three Ram Cummins trucks. The first was a 2002 Laramie with High Output engine and a six-speed manual transmission and loaded with everything you could ask for. I traded it on a 2007 Laramie with a Cummins 6.7 litfre diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission. That was a mistake. I should have kept the 2002 Ram. I now have a 2005 Ram 2500 SLT short box with a Cummins 5.9 litre engine and an automatic tranny. I don’t care for the transmission but at least I get 22 mpg as I did with my 2002 Ram. I like the idea of the new 2014 Ram 1500 with the V-six diesel engine. Hopefully, it will be a Cummins engine and not made in Japan or Chins. A Ram 1500 can be purchased for about 25% less money than a full size Ram, however I would probably have to wait for a used model. 

  • All moot, it’s not a Cummins. Hopefully I don’t get accused of not knowing what I’m talking about, it’s Italian. Made by VM Motori.

  • Alstar250

    “…feel like they made a wrong turn by going away from the 5.9”

    Should’ve listened to your grandfather. The ONLY reason they went away from it was to meet emissions compliance for 2007. They needed to extra displacement to make the same power with all the emissions gear. Wow… Just stop while your ahead

  • john

    First off you are right,it is isuzu,Iam just so use to calling it a mitsibushi,might as well be, second I have been in the diesel industry my hole life,now I own  Kalos used cummins parts. We not only sell Dodge cummins parts but we do more than you can imagine with the cummins engine.So I can assure you I know most everything about cummins,alot about power strokes,but little about Isuzu,however,a V8 is a V8

  • The engine will be built by VM Motari, the Italian supplier owned by Chrysler’s parent company Fiat. They will also produce the same engine slated for the ’14 Grand Cherokee. No, it’s not Cummins (alas), but I understand they are a good outfit.

  • Doc 40

    They may say it is the “industry’s” first but I have a 1950 five window Chevy with a Cummins 4BT that gets in the high 20’s for fuel mileage.  There is nothing like a Cummins ! ! ! ! !

  • Jose

    Doc 40, do you have pics???  I also own a Cummins on my 2006 Mega Cab 4×4 and wouldn’t change it for any other….

  • Chevytrucksrock G11

    Yeah gm had the industry’s first … Sorry Chrysler lol. Unfortunately I still own a cummins surrounded by a gay dodge body. Gm is the way to go for me.

  • Toneykc2000

     I apologize for assuming that you didn’t have any knowledge in regard to your reference of the Duramax being tied to Mitsubishi. I assumed that a person who didn’t know that the Duramax was built by Isuzu was just spouting without really knowing what they were spouting about. I have worked on the diesels of all three American truck brands as well some of the medium duty Izuzu trucks with the inline 4 cyl Isuzu turbo diesel. I do agree with you, that the Cummins is the top dog for being a complete package…durability, dependability, and performance. I would say the runner-up would be the Powerstroke engines, with  the previous 7.3 litre being the most robust design of  Powerstroke offerings over the last 15 years. The fuel injection systems of the recent Powerstroke and Duramax offerings have been extremely problematic. When they are running good, they make great power, have good fuel economy, but they don’t stay that way. Inevitably something will go wrong with the high pressure oil pump system or the injectors fail and start pumping fuel into the crankcase. The injectors of the earlier Duramax (2001 thru 2004) went through 8 revisions, post production, before they finally came up with something that would hold up for any length of time. In the meantime, they had hundreds of thousands of trucks out there running much of the time with fuel being pumped into the crankcase. My buddy had one…big pain in the butt.

  • Toneykc2000

     I know why they did it. I even know how the system works. I’ve got nearly 20 yrs experience as an automotive technician. It just seems counter-intuitive that an engine which routinely produced 18 to 21 mpg with adequate power is more harmful to the environment than an engine that has to burn more fuel to make the same power. Sometimes, I wonder if the some of the EPA regulations really do offer any real benefit. More hydrocarbons are more hydrocarbons. I thought the intent of the stricter regulations are to both reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. The Cummins 5.9litre with some aftermarket upgrades and tuning, is capable of huge gains in horsepower and torque, while at the same time not losing much on the fuel economy side. While it’s only my opinion, I think consuming less fuel to start with is a better option than the alternative of consuming more fuel to operate the emissions systems on the latest generation diesel engines. It just seems that at times the EPA does more to hamper forward progress than to promote it. To be clear I don’t place any blame on Cummins, they are just jumping through hoops to make the EPA happy. The result is just a fuel thirsty engine that runs good, and it should run good, because it’s a Cummins.

  • Brett

    Cummins in my opinion is the beat Diesel engine around. They should have put the cummins in the 1500’s as well. Sadly they won’t. I also have to agree with the 6.7 being a atep backwards. I got a 2005 3500 SRW Laramie and I don’t get as great fuel mileage but I got a 6 inch lift and mudders. Also performance upgrades. But then again you buy a diesel you can’t expect great mileage. You want a vehicle that goes forever on a tank get a Prius in u opinion. But good for dodge for making diesel half tons.

  • sorry that was a 2500 …lol try again

  • Schausindustries

    Real trucks have zero spark plugs, zero torque converters, 6 cylinders and 6 tires. 

  • Dencof

    The Oldsmobile 350 diesel was available in 1978 in half ton GM trucks. It was also in full size Oldsmobile cars.

  • Fyrfyghter

    Funny, my Tacoma has over 130,000 miles on it and I have replaced axle seals, timing belt and a carrier bearing.  Pretty simple… change oil, tires and put gas in it.  Much better than any Dodge I am familiar with.

  • 2ramsGene

    I believe Dodge had the first 1/2 ton diesel in the 70`s. I think it was a 4 cly made by Perkins. Not sure about the year or that it as a Perkins but I remember a local dealer having one. Dose anyone else remember this?

  • john

    I can shoot my mouth off sometimes before I think,I do have a good friend who owns a diesel shop in town here,he is a die hard duramax fan,he does not get many duramaxes in for serious work,so there is something to say about that.I use to love the old power strokes,7.3s,but after working more and more on cummins I hated having to do any work on the 7.3s .So I left them behind,now I sell cummins parts and we do conversions,we put 1st gen engins into 03 and up dodges,we are now working on VE pumping 24 valves.I understand why cummins has dodne what they have done over the past several years,but by not sticking to there tried and true cummins engine and using a V6 is a kick in the nuts to old schoolers,what can we exspect 5-10 years from now,mabe  the V6 is a way of paving the way to cut ties with cummins,you never know these days.

  • john

    Well,I do agree with the 6 tires and 6 cylinders,BUT,I love automatis,we are on the road alot,lond distance,and between drinking coffee and smokes I dont have enough hands to shift gears,I have never had any problems with automatics,and now I have really grown to love the 68RFE .all our new conversions will be with the 6 speed auto.Our project right now is, 2006 quad 3500 4X4, with a  2001 VE pumped 24 valve engine  fitted with a 68RFE, it will have most 6.7 accesories,the engine runs excellent on the stand,should know in about a week how it performs in the truck

  • 2ramsGene

    I have a 2000 Dodge 2500, 4×4 Cummins auto. I am running 355 gear, cold air intake, 4″ exhaust 1001k miles. I get13-14 everyday and maybe 19-20 hwy. Any suggestions on how to improve this? Thanks for any comments.

  • Spence

    In 1978 Dodge offered the first diesel in a 1/2 ton truck. Dodge offered a N/A six cylinder Mitsubishi diesel code named 6DR5OA. It was very reliable but only made 105hp.

  • 2ramsGene

    Just saw the post by Spence. He knows a lot more about the first Dodge diesel than I do, but I do remeber it and the fact that power was low but got really good fuel mileage. Thanks for the post Spence.

  • Spence

    No problem, the 1978-79 Dodge diesel experiment is a forgotten piece of automotive history. GM also offer a 1/2 ton diesel from 1978-1997. Many blame GM for leaving a bad taste in the mouths of 1/2 ton truck owners after offering the 5.7L, 6.2L, and 6.5L diesel power plants.  

  • 2ramsGene

    I knew about the GMC, I believe the heads was the main problem with those.

  • John Wilhelm

    Dixie Corvette, I bought a 2006 Duramax crew cab, other than the price of diesel, I love it. GM had some propagands out about 2-3 yrs ago about a half ton diesel package, but never heard any more. I really like some of the inovations Dodge has made in the last few years. This will sell like hot cakes. I average 21 on the road and 16 otherwise.

  • jtw44

    if i hooked to a toyota, i’d rip it in half

  • Pactractor

    I had a 1979 Chevrolet 1/2 ton long bed with a 5.7 liter diesel….

  • an ass hole

    yay they fixed it.. but get your fax right!! people will think you are full of shit and they wont listen to you anymore…. especially because you are auto guild people look up to you… get your shit right!!!

  • That was a converted diesel but I had a 1984 1/2 ton long bed 2wd with a true 6.2 litre detroit diesel.

  • Android

    6 cyl Mitsubishi. With an auto trans the power was non-existent. With a 4 spd, it was fair

  • Adam Green

    I don’t think it’s particularly misleading to call this a “first” (of modern day half ton pickups) even though I could argue the diesel Excursion is a sort of half ton pickup with a bed cap and crew cab … : )  

    Why on Earth doesn’t Ford put a diesel in the Expedition EL, why doesn’t Chev drop a diesel in the Suburban — either vehicle could be an instant 30 mpg SUV.  

    I think Jeep is going to show them what off-roaders like about diesels, too.  

    It’s crazy to see the limited selection of vehicles in the US compared to other countries.  Even the Porsche diesel is coming to the US and I drive a diesel Mercedes — and it’s made in the USA.  It’s a better full size SUV than anything from a US maker and these days, not a lot of difference in the prices. 

  • Elcmfitz

    Um, GM had diesels in a 1/2 ton 20 years ago so this heading is incorrect. Not saying I rave about those engines, just wish media would not mislead

  • Fritzcartageshop

    Excellent!  Now, lets get one in a mini van!

  • Chris Broesky

    80 percent of the vehicles in Europe are all diesels even the Ford Rangers got diesel engines. I think part of the reason we don’t see alot of diesel vehicles here is because of our corrupt greedy government and the big money hungry oil companies. They don’t want us driving fuel efficient vehicles. That’s just my speculation. And the fact that most people have the wrong view on diesel motors as they are noisy and stink and hard to start. I was getting 28 MPG with my 12valve Cummins in my 1995 Dodge 1 ton truck. That’s dam good for a 1 ton. You can’t beat that with a gas 1 ton.

  • Hoser

    Install a performance programmer .

  • John V.

    Sweet! I am looking forward to the new 1500 Diesel Ram.  I know it’s not the 1st half ton or smaller pickup truck to be offered with a diesel motor in the United States too.  There was actually a Ford Ranger mated with a diesel motor in the 80’s and there was always the VW car/truck. Let’s see what Dodge decides to put for a sticker price though.  I hope they price it reasonable, so it’s not like only a couple of thousand dollar difference in getting the 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck, if they do this, then I do not think they will sell well.  If they make the truck in stripped down versions, i.e. Tradesman and maybe an SLT between 25k and 35k then I think they will not be able to keep them on the lot.  I hope to see at least 25 city and 30-35 highway out of a V6 diesel, 4×4 Crew with the right gear ratio.  I say this because the old 6bt 12 valve cummins in the old dodge 3/4 ton and 1 ton’s in the late 80’s and up to 98′ got pretty descent fuel mileage in the 20’s combined.  So that technology pushing nearly 20 years ago, I think they should be able to give us fuel mileage in the 30’s.  I think they know how, I believe it to get political that is why it hasn’t happened.  I have been debating on doing a diesel swap in one of my old ford pickups for years, but with a young new family it is not possible, so if Dodge saves me the time and I can pay it off in 4 to 5 years it will be money well spent due to the time of not having to perform the swap myself.

  • Don Totten

    This is a surprise and long overdue..  It needs a 6 speed manual.

  • SONNEY1090


  • Wayne Gale

    Bullshit. Must be nice to have your head buried in the sand. How many different engines has Ford made (hope the 6.7 works out well for them) and the Cummins 6.7 has it’s share of problems as well.

  • 6btpwr

    Finally! Whoot!

  • Reid

    Total Lies, 1995 Chevy 1500 6.5 Diesel.

  • Logan

    And going Italian??? Absolutely enraging…

  • Brokepenguinj

    with dodge offering a diesel first ford and along with gm is bound to offer one to keep up with the competition but dodge has been thinking about it the longest is why they are the first to recently put in a diesel but if your brand loyal to any of the big 3 just wait eventually all models will be offered with a diesel


     actually, its the EPA, several of the European diesels wont pass the exhaust sniffer unfortunatley…..  

  • Schausindustries

    Crap! My 6.7L cummins pushin an 11000lbs truck gets 25.5 mpg with six 33″ tires. Will be even better once I install my airdog 150.

  • ram tech

    no it don’t

  • Travis Dietz

    I agree total lies, Chevy has built a half ton diesel from 1982 through 1999

  • Muleskinner

    If they keep the cost under 27K and put in a five speed manual, I believe they’ve got a winner. Also, Toyota sold diesel powered half-ton pickups in the early 80’s. I bought one, and it is a helluva good truck, but a little underpowered. It appears as if the upcoming Dodge will have a more powerful engine.

  • Tom Tipton

    Hey Doc 40, I am putting a 4BT in a 3100 Chevy PU send me you e-mail address and we can swap pics and I can get some advise from you on some stuff. I am almost complete with the project. My address is minnimo65757@yahoo.com

  • Barack D Fraud

    who owns the epa? big oil does.

  • Chuck

    Finally, Somebody besides me remembered, I put one in a 86 Ramcharger 2wd 26 to 30 mpg,On the road still today.

  • Al

    I have wanted a durable, cost-effective 1/2 ton diesel truck forever. The upcoming Nissan Titan with a Cummins 5.0 seems very promising, but I am just not a fan of Japanese pickups which I have always found disappointing though they obviously make a lot of great cars as validated by their sales numbers. I currently own a ford ecoboost f-150, but while it is a comfortable and quiet truck my mpg never gets above 17 and that’s with a 2wd version and no load what-so-ever. I understand the next RAM 1500 will get a VM diesel, but frankly I suspect the Fiat diesel will get a lot of bad press once it is officially released and true performance figures are released. What appeals to Europeans is often something Americans despise. Now if the folks at RAM would only look to Cummins for a 1/2 ton power-plant the world would be right again. What arrogance by our auto manufactures to presume they know better than we what is in our best interest purchased by our hard-earned money. Isn’t it a basic tenant of sales that the customer is always right when it comes to spending his or her money! Chrysler/Fiat listen please and don’t arrogantly presume. You won’t win that argument with your customers.

  • Andrew

    GM started putting diesels in their light duty half tons around 1980 as the 5.7 liter, then 6.2 liter in early 80’s. 6.5 L was available in GM half ton trucks from 94 or 95, until late 90’s.

  • andrew

    Excursion is on a 3/4 ton Super Duty frame. Not a half ton frame like the Expedition.

  • GM Diesel Guy

    This story should be redacted or edited. GM offered 6.2ltr diesels in their half tons in the 80s and the 6.5ltr turbo diesel in the 90s.

  • Dodge

    Dodge did this in the 70’s with the Perkins diesel

  • Dproctor173

    Actually you have all forgotten that the International R-110 series pickup line was offered with both Cummins and Buda diesel engines all the way back in 1953 (of course these engines were not popular and did not achieve good power or mileage). Either way the article is very misleading in nature.