Ram 1500 to Gain Diesel Engine

Ram 1500 to Gain Diesel Engine

Chrysler’s Ram truck brand will break new ground in the half-ton pickup truck category tomorrow, announcing it will be first to offer a diesel engine in the hotly contested segment.

The engine will be the very same one just launched in the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which in that platform makes 420 lb-ft of torque, is set to achieve 30 mpg on the highway and can tow up to 7400 lbs.

According to an early report, the decision to move ahead with production of the Ram 1500 diesel was made based on consumer demand. Ram CEO Fred Diaz is also cited as saying he expects the diesel-powered 1500 to be much more than a niche product; a strong indication that Ram is looking to further grow its sales to challenge Chevrolet, GMC and the long-reigning sales champ in the pickup segment, the Ford F150.

[Source: USAToday]

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6CMDMYSZXSFZAW54T3VVSG2VI Mem

    I have a Ram 3500 Diesel. Since Diesel is now priced higher than gasoline there is really no advantage to the Diesel engine. Any gain in percieved fuel mileage will more than be made up in fuel cost. Diesel runs a good 40 to 50 cents per gallon more than Gasoline.

  • rebart

    Diesel in my area is a little more expensive, but not that much.  I get better mileage than a comparable gas truck, the resale is better (my dealer already mailed me with an offer to buy my truck), the engine lasts longer, and my maintenance schedule is about the same as my Chevvy Tahoe.  I’d love to have this truck.

  • ckeegan

    Diesel in my area is $3.69/gallon right now, $.20 lower than the non ethanol premium I run in my current vehicle, and only $.10/more than non-ethanol regular. If I have to pay an additional $2.00 at every fill up to get that kind of performance increase in the way of torque and towing, no problem. The one thing I can’t stand is the apples and oranges comparison people make when comparing the cost of the V6 and the diesel. The V6 shopper is not the market Chrysler is trying to tap for the diesel, and the cost benefit versus the Hemi is pretty obvious.

  • Mechanic

    Thats absolutely correct. The price of diesel fuel plus the added costs of buying and maintaining these vehicles doesn’t make since to own one.  I think diesels are great don’t get me wrong, but they have been losing their advantage since 07 and now 2010 emission regulations.  I’ve seen in my area diesel 70 cents higher than gasoline lately, even on road gas is cheaper than off road diesel in my part of washington state.  Unless you have heavy loads they aren’t needed. For normal daily driving they don’t make since, but im not going to tell someone they shouldn,t drive one.  Drive whatever makes you happy, its your money.

  • M_mccumber

    True if fuel milage is your only concern. Resale and power more than justify a diesel motor for me. Gas engines are for cars in my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Fenner/501681635 Dave Fenner

    The inital cost of the diesel, the hight maintenance (oil changes, filters, etc) and higher cost of fuel over gas offset any savings of mileage.  No way can it compare, even though it will likely outlast the truck body itself.

  • rebart

    Geez, 70 cents a gallon more?  I’ve never seen anything like that in my area.  I hate big government, but it’s about time our useless administration did something about the price of gas and diesel, especially diesel.  The country runs on diesel.  As the price of diesel goes up, everything goes up, including food.

  • rebart

    I get 20-21 mpg with my diesel Ram going to Las Vegas from San Diego.  At that mileage it would take me about 20 gallons of diesel to go to LV. Cost at $4.00 a gallon is $80.  With this new diesel it would take approximately 14 gallons of, which would be $56, a savings of $24, and a round trip savings of around $50, and less wear and tear on the engine.

  • GaveUpOnTV

    I got 22-23 on the highway, but I had a shell on the pickup bed, and I drove it under or right at 60. I think that is great for a full size truck. If I step on it, though, I can easily get less than half that mileage, less than 10 mpg. It’s got two turbos, and Smarty software, I don’t know if it increases mileage, but it sure does increase power!

  • Loribenning

    What is the big dif. from Dodge Ram 1500 and the Tundra SR5……I’m looking at them both to pull my 30′ RV once in awhile.  Tundra is redesigning the 20014….so now I have to wait.  Any advise???

  • rebart

    Well, the Tundra is ugly.  Can’t stand the looks of the back side windows.  The Cummins diesel has been proven to be the best for many years. I guess it all depends on what you like, but I wouldn’t have a Tundra, especially vs. the Ram.

  • Bobby

    2001 hemi 1/2 ton great truck, 2006 hemi 1/2 ton great truck , 2008 3500 cummins sucked, 2008 ford 3500 doubled sucked, 2011 dodge cummins 3500 great truck,
    2012 dodge 3500 cummins great truck, 2011 tundra 5.7 3 time better than all the above but I wouldn’t try towing a 30′ gooseneck trailer with 15000 pound on it.

  • Jdarcy12345

    Wow. Jeep anmounces a diesel motor for the Cherokee, and Chrysler puts it in the Ram due to customer demand…….. i guess Chrysler hasn’t been listening to all the Jeep fans that want this motor offered in the Wrangler for the last um-teen years..!!!

    Congrats to all you new ram 1500 future owners..

    – a hopeless Jeep romantic, still waiting for a diesel in the states

  • Oz

    It’s about time this should have been done years ago.  As a consumer the demand has been for a good 10 years now !!!

  • otis24

    Now, if they would offer small, fuel-efficient diesel engines for the compact truck market like they used to, we would be in business!

  • Rkimbrell

    Owned quite a number of diesels HD trucks, all were 3500s.  I currently have a 2008 Ram 3500 and unless you have a serious need for a diesel truck, they really are not a good buy any more.  When you pay $7000 or more upfront for the motor, coupled with 15 quarts of oil for oil changes, and now that diesel fuel is at the same price or higher than premium gasoline…well it just does not make much economic sense.  FWIW, best I have ever gotten on the highway in my 2008 3500 running empty (no load, not towing) is 17.2mpg.  That is hand calculated, not from that stupid overhead reading.  That was one trip, 2 stops, all highway mileage not exceeding 70mph.  Far cry from the 2001 truck that got that same mileage with 2000# of crap in the bed. 
    I’m not sure that diesel in any vehicle is really a good buy now.  Gas in my area today was $3.35.  Diesel was $3.99. 

  • rebart

    Wow!!!!  There’s only a 20-cent difference at my gas station.

  • Semlohde

    This isn’t the pre-2007 particulate filter 20-21mpg machine. It’s government regulated, Ram can’t change anything for better mpg. That particulate filter with regens and egr valve junk is still there to kill your mileage. My 2011 4×4 crew cab is doing good to get 15.6 average. It pulls the 12,000 pound 5th wheel fine (9.5 mpg if flat) , but diesel is 3.99 in the Memphis,TN area and still below summer prices. Mine isn’t the HD so I don’t get the extra torque. Maybe this will be all different. I haven’t read about this 1500 other than here. But if you want any mileage and fuel costs are a thought, diesel Ram is NOT for you.

  • therealDagnyTaggart

    Its about time, hopefully the other manufacturers follow . The ironic thing is that it cost more for diesel when it cost less to refine. Was just in South America where you can get a small truck with a diesel engine. Drove that thing for ever on a tank of fuel.

  • Walt

    All that government regulated emissions crap can and will be removed.  I did it on my 6.7 Cummins and increased my mpg almost 25%.  Dodge 1500 owners will do the same if they are smart.

  • Cruznfst

    I Have read “diesel”, but I haven’t read ” Cumins diesel”

  • rebart


  • DAVBM40

    ONLY CAN TOW 7400lbs. isn’t that less than the HEMI.

  • wtdash

    7400 for the GC; it’ll be higher for 1500.

  • Drew_olm

    How could there be any demand for a diesel half ton…with the cost of the fuel, oil changes…and routine maintenance of all the emissions crap that’s practically guaranteed to have you pushing your warranty to its limits?

  • Spenser

    Sure diesel is more expensive but I think you have to look at the figures. Lets assume gas is 3$ a gallon and diesel is 4$. Obviously not the case, but it illustrates a 1$ difference which in my area is about as big as the difference gets. The difference is typically between 70 and 90 cents a gallon but we’ll assume the worst case scenerio. Now if you have a hemi getting 22 mpg on the highway at 3$ a gallon. (3$ a gal/22miles per gallon) That is 13.6 cents a mile to drive that truck. Now we have the diesel. (4$ a gal/30 miles per gallon) That equals 13.3 cents a mile making it actually cheaper. Not to mention diesel engines typically have longer life spans before needing major work. Im sure it will cost a little more out of the gate like all other diesels, but with it lasting longer and carrying a much higer resale/trade in value, it could be viewed as an investment. So I definintely there is a market for a 1/2 ton diesel.

  • Dave

    I must ask, but what hemi gets 22 mpg? I’m not knocking you but your argument could be much stronger. Most hemi’s are lucky to get 12-15 on average. So I belive there are much greater advantages in the way of cost savings with the diesel if it truly averages 30mpg. Just my 2 cents.

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    I have owned a new 2004 ram 1500 with hemi, 3:92 gears, 545 RFE. I had a flowmaster 50 series suv muffler installed, CAI by K&N-I got 23 mpg with regular gas no towing at 70 mph on the interstate. I have owned a 2007 jeep grand Cherokee with the hemi-CAI, flowmaster muffler, diablosport tuner-I got 25 mpg on the interstate at 70 mph. I had a 2009 ram 1500 with hemi, Volant intake, magnaflow catback exhaust, diablosport tuner, 3:55 gears, I got 23 plus mpg on the interstate at 70 mph.

    I currently own a 2011 ram express hemi, 3:92 gears, Volant CAI, magnaflow catback exhaust, diablosport tuner, the engine is not broken in yet-I get over 21 plus mpg on the interstate at 70 mph. I also have a 2010 jeep grand cheroke hemi, 2 wheel drive, CAI, magnaflow exhaust, diablosport tuner-I got over 26.5mpg on a cross country trip from-it was amazing this is the very best mileage  have ever gotten.

    all vehicles I use amsoil engine oil, amsoil automatic transmission fluid, amsoil differential fluid, etc.

    this mileage is all computed by hand not by vehicles computer. set the cruise folks…

  • rebart

    NO hemi gets 22 mpg.  My daughter has a hemi Durango.  My son has a hemi Durango, and people I know have a hemi Durango.  14-18 mpg at best.

  • Hemi2191

    The hemi that gets 22 mpg is parked right beside the diesel 1500 that gets thirty. Oh and there’s a 2500 diesel pulling a horse trailer right beside them that gets 22 mpg. Don’t spend much time looking, they’re not actually there.

  • rebart

    Diesel is only about 20 cents a gallon more at my gas station.  I don’t know how much the 1/2 ton diesel will sell for, but I would like one. The resale has to be great.  My Dodge dealer just offered me $22,000 if I would sell them my 2005 Dodge Ram diesel. That tells me, coming from a dealer, that they will sell it for a LOT more.  Just one of the reasons to have a Cummins.  Don’t think the Ford diesel is so valuable.  Don’t know about the Chevvy.  I do know that in parts of Montana you hardly see a Ford diesel.  Mostly Dodge and Chev. diesel in that one area that I know of.

  • Catfish

    I imagine a lot of guys would be trading in their 2500-3500 if they had the right diesel in the 1500. As far as maintenance cost I don’t see how it’s higher. I’ve had my cummins for several years and per dodge am only required to change the oil every 15000 miles. So rotella at $20 a gallon and it requires 3 gallons its actually cheaper than buying 5-7 quarts every 3-5 thousand miles for a 1/2 ton. Yes I have to agree the cost of fuel is ridiculous, but since I do all my on mechanic work the price of most parts that have to be replaced on these trucks it’s very compatible to any 1/2ton truck. Just my 2 cents.

  • Green9stripes

    wow, you all should actually read the article thoroughly before commenting. It says the grand cherokee is rated for those towing numbers and mpg with the diesel engine. It doesn’t say it is a cummins either, it is a second gen fiat turbo diesel at 3.0 litres…..

  • ckeegan

    Put the diesel in the Durango and you have a buyer.

  • Rduy283

    Own a 2004,Hemi  drive usually 75 mph +2 or 3 Colorado highways, 16 mpg best I get  Have got a little better going east to Missouri, maybe 18 but no better, really like the  acceleration of the hemi,does everything I want. Curious as to what I would gain or loose with the Diesel, criteria being acceleration verses gas miliage?

  • Dfstrong99

    I think it’s a great thing I’m Diesel Fan I have been since i bought a 2006 3/4 ton and i love it I did a few things to it and it gets 25 MPG on the open road

  • David Lukason

    Guys, if you want to know the difference between diesel and gas go read all of these same questions / topics on the truck forums for the 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks. All of your pro’s vs. con’s will be the same, it will just be a half ton truck instead.

  • Sanchezaj85

    Fiat diesel?  no thanks

  • Darrbon

    who makes the diesel engine

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