Tesla vs The New York Times: Round Three

Tesla vs The New York Times: Round Three

In what has turned into quite the battle between New York Times writer John Broder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Broder has issued a response to Musks’ most recent claims.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk accused Broder of purposely sabotaging the test, to which Broder has adamantly stated that isn’t the case. In his new blog, Broder gives more clarity as to what occurred – essentially his side of the story as to how he reached the conclusions that he originally reported.

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Those that have been following the story know that Tesla has accused Broder of driving in a “tiny 100-space parking lot” to purposely drain the battery. According to Broder, that was him driving around the Milford plaza on Interstate 95 in the dark, trying to find the “unlighted and poorly marked Tesla Supercharger.”

Broder’s larger defense, however, against all of Musk’s claims is that the actions he took were a direct result of advice provided to him by Tesla staff, including engineers and PR reps.

If you’d like to read Broder’s full account, which offers plenty of responses to Musk’s statements, follow the source link below. Tesla has already stated that its response would be the American automaker’s last one, so we don’t expect a rebuttal from Tesla… for now.

[Source: New York Times]

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  • Noe Japan

    This is all such a joke. Tesla, if a company that produce a product that is worthy, shouldn’t keep getting on these defensive positions. 2010’s TopGear issue was another ….. Then their continued entertaining of journalists who are not ‘true reporters’ but these glossy, shiny, giggly reports that just write the small 1 page of rubbish you see in a dull tech magazine or some awful ‘life’s luxuries’ magazine …. Dross

    But down right common sense says if you buy a car that barely gets anywhere then why do it – if you head for a charger and it is in a poorly lit and large parking lot and you run out of power – will you then everytime calling the Tesla service have the response ‘ well it’s your fault you drove and couldnt find it’

    Seems like a company that is quicker to blame others