Top 10 Crossovers with the Most Third-Row Legroom

Top 10 Crossovers with the Most Third-Row Legroom

7. 2013 Subaru Tribeca – 30.9 Inches

Subaru’s Tribeca topped the Nissan Pathfinder by the narrowest of margins, just two-tenths of an inch in third-row space. But a win is still a win, and the Subie earns itself a seventh-place finish.

When it comes to cargo volume the Tribeca comes up a little short. Behind that third-row it offers the least amount of space in this Top 10, just 8.3 cubic feet. When all the back seats are folded the story improves a little bit. The Subaru delivers 74.4 cubes, more than the Kia Sorento or last-place Dodge Journey.

Fuel economy is a sore spot for the Tribeca. Its horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine puts out 256 horsepower, but the trouble is it’s routed through a five-speed automatic transmission. Consequently this Subaru returns just 16 miles per gallon in urban driving and a decidedly truck-like 21 MPG on the interstate.

GALLERY: 2013 Subaru Tribeca


  • Hasdragontatoos

    Nissan you screwed the pooch! this is a mini-van not an SUV!! 

  • Srikanth .Y.S.

    wht abt MDX, Q7, X5, etc…

  • Tee

    first of all the xc90 offers 32.4 inches of leg room so where is that at… u guys need to fix this its not right at all.

  • bigmike

    Crossovers not suvS, like how the explorer and old range rover sports are now the same design, since ford bought them to take the design, sneaky fyi never buy a land rover product unless you like to fork out the money, biggest pos out there.

  • Murad Iqbal

    Toyota Sequoia has the highest 3rd row leg room. Why wasn’t it mentioned here?

  • ColumWood

    We’d classify that as an SUV rather than a crossover.