Top 10 Most Collectible Cars of 2013

Top 10 Most Collectible Cars of 2013

9. Volkswagen GTI

Though what’s pictured above is the next-generation GTI, the 2013 model is still plenty of fun despite enthusiasts being able to look forward to an even better hatch from Volkswagen in the near future. Under the hood of the 2013 model year GTI is a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 200 hp, which is less than the competition but makes up for it with superb handling and a spirited driving experience. To top it all off, it’s priced from just $23,995.

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  • Tyler Hilligoss

    Why was the GTI included in this list? That inclusion completely debunks any expertise claimed by the people making this list. Apparently a car that is made every year with little to no change is considered a “collector” now? What?

  • Eekolac

    You lose money, you lose nothing;
    You lose your health ,you lose something;
    You buy volkswagen,you lose everything

  • guest

    The list is more like “10 most enjoyable to drive, then promptly return!” I wouldn’t call any of these a collector’s item.