Top 10 Worst Engine Names

Top 10 Worst Engine Names

10. Ford Vulcan V6

Starting our list is the Ford Vulcan V6. Chances are you’ve either owned a vehicle with a Vulcan engine as it, or know someone who did, as it was very popular in many a front-wheel drive Ford from 1986-2008. Although rumor has it the name was chosen in homage to the mythological Roman god of fire and iron-working (it was an iron block engine after all), we really think there were a few Trekkies working in the R&D department when this engine was created. Keep your eyes peeled for the Ford Borg Inline-Four.

  • P.F. Bruns

    How could “Skyactiv” possibly be worse than “Thriftpower?”

  • Soyntgo4it

    You forgot EcoTec By GM and Eco-Boost by Ford also there is Lamda and Tau oh and Gamma by Hyundai the list can go on with this brand. 

    I mean there are so man weird names for all Manufacturer engines does anyone really care?

  • simon

    anything eco, rams ‘new’ eco diesel its been out in other countrys for a couple of years as just the diesel option

  • DuramaxLover

    “Cummins” is a man’s surname. The company has a rich history of performance and industrial engine technology.

    “Powerstroke” is a compound word Ford decided to use so they had something to call their IHC diesel instead of what most people would have simply called a “Corn Binder”. The “power stroke”, as every first year mechanics student knows is simply one of the four strokes that a four stroke internal combustion engine goes through…Those being…Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust.

    GM made up the name “Duramax” (which means nothing) because they were afraid to let the cat out of the bag by calling it, “Isuzu”, which is what it is.

    Moderately amusing article.


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