2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS Looks Wider, Lower, Meaner

2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS Looks Wider, Lower, Meaner

Chevrolet dropped a cannonball in the muscle car pool today by announcing the return of the Z/28 Camaro, saying it will likely be too hardcore for most drivers. Thankfully, the SS model is also refreshed for 2014. 

“The 2014 Camaro is our opportunity to apply what we have learned listening to our customers, and our continuing development of high-performance models,” said Tom Peters, Camaro exterior design director. “We look for solutions that are both functional and beautiful so that the result is genuine Chevrolet – simple, powerful, honest, and more than expected.”

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A wider, lower mouth on the front fascia helps to give Chevrolet’s muscle car a new look while keeping the classic homage that first made headlines as a concept car in 2006. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature in mid-cycle design tweak is that this car gets a functional hood vent. These days muscle cars are much more than hair metal blasting battering rams. They turn, they brake, they’ve been known to handle a track.  While the SS isn’t a purpose built track car like the new Z/28, its new hood vent serves to reduce lift and cool the engine bay.

Chevrolet also updates the car’s “halo ring” headlights, added a new rear spoiler and reshaped the decklid. Finally, the half-moon lights are taking a hike — replaced by rectangular lamps.

General Motors says the Camaro line will arrive at dealers later in 2013 but didn’t specify a month or even a season.

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  • Joelvat

    Bmw wanna be! :/

  •  Are you sure you are commenting on the correct article? This is about the Camaro SS, which shares precisely none of the design language of any BMW. Improved handling is not exclusive to BMW either. It’s something automakers strive for when they think it will measurably boost profits without affecting other qualities of the vehicle.

  • Mrjtm

    Looks nice.except the interior still looks junky looking with cheap looking plastics .my wife had an 06 mustang gt that has a better looking dash!