2014 Jeep Cherokee has Industry-First Nine-Speed Auto

2014 Jeep Cherokee has Industry-First Nine-Speed Auto

Discussing the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is starting to seem more repetitive than an hour of the hokey pokey, but the funny front fascia wearing newby was finally unveiled today on the floor of the 2013 New York Auto Show.

When the car goes on sale late this summer it will be offered with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 184 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque, or a 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 with 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. The four-cylinder option is expected to get up to 31 mpg on the highway while the V6 is expected to be 30 percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing Liberty’s V6.

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Jeep’s sales are currently passing through a lull — something largely attributed to the Liberty leaving production. Now the brand is hoping the Cherokee will serve as a lynchpin, hoping to topple its 701,626 global unit sales from 2012.

The Cherokee might offer what Jeep needs to do that for at least two reasons. First, it’s shares a platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the Dodge Dart. That will serve to reduce costs, but it could also help boost global appeal as a capable utility vehicle with a car’s on-road characteristics. Second Jeep is already boasting about its new independent front and rear suspension, increased torsional stiffness, and an exceptionally quiet cabin — all aspects that wil likely bolster broad market appeal.

2013 New York Auto Show Complete Coverage

Even with all that, the Cherokee is also meant to be an off-road ready crossover and the 3.2-liter V6 will offer buyers the power it will need to maintain that ideal.

But what about its drastic design? Is this really a viable replacement for the boxy-like-a-bread-truck Liberty? That has yet to be seen, but if there’s one thing Chrysler is doing very well, it’s staying in the spotlight.

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  • Lllscl

    Not much is said about the transmission and how trail ready it will actually be. If it doesn’t have 4 low, then it’s not “trail ready”. I really wish Jeep would offer the transmission that has the part-time 4 WD and full-time 4WD in all their products including the Wranglers. I’ve had both and the Wranglers have to be driven in 2WD in many instances where the full-time 4WD would make safer travel.

  • Ponch

    Also add in the height of the tire’s sidewalks. Not just Jeep but all auto manufacturers like to low profile tires to their cars for cornering performance and aesthetics. People forget about it until they hit that 1st pothole or curb let alone “wheelin”

  • Ponch

    Tire’s sidewall and low profile tire – I hate auto spell.

  • Krol

    That is one fugly vehicle. It doesn’t even look like a Jeep. Whomever designed that body and approved it for production should be banished to YUGO’s design department for life.

  • Mulholland

    Say goodby to the iconic Jeep. It just died. After being a Jeep owner since 1978 they just lost me.

  • Okyalos

    You bet

  • Tgsnod

    Ugly as homemade sin!

  • Okyalos

    Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square, Goodbye Jeep, Goodbye American Legend

  • Old_engine

    It’s just freekin’ Gay!

  • mtn. man

    Don’t like what they did to the so called jeep. It looks like a ugly cat fish. Poor body style. I think they just flushed an American legend down the toilet

  • Okyalos

    Best !!!

  • Hiway

    Shares platform with the DART!???

    Please remove all badging from this poor excuse for a Jeep

  • Toom

    what is a “newby”?

  • Scrambler

    I guess the Compass and other recent offerings from JEEP haven’t taught management that they are going in a direction OLD Jeepers don’t like !  Go ahead turn JEEP into Hyundai or Kia… I’ll just keep rebuilding my CJ-8 and Wrangler Rubicon, until you retire :=)

  • Okyalos

    This is what I am doing with my YJ and TJ Sahara. The decline started with the launching of the KJ and now is turning to a free fall. I sold it after 5 months. Tragic. Have you tried to climb to the KJ back seat?

  • Dghyatt

    Well I will stick with my real Cherokee. That things one ugly vehicle. Sorry Jeep you messed up big time on this one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mitchell.jeffreya Jeff Mitchell

    Call it something besides a Cherokee and I might be able to say something good about it.  How about Liberty?  Or compass? Or something new entirely?  Then maybe it’s not so bad.  A Cherokee should have off-road abilities. Should have 4 wheel low and more ground clearance.  Should be for the off-roader that has grown up a little.

    Thought:  Canada has been calling the Liberty a Cherokee since it’s release.  What would Canada do with names if Liberty remained in the line up after Cherokee’s release? Two vehicles with the same name?

  • Okyalos

    Europe has been calling the Liberty a Cherokee, too. The marketing guys come up with strange ideas. Please note that BMW calls F650GS and now F700GS a bike with an 798cc engine (Mine is an F800GS with the same engine). We may be outdate (!)

  • guest

    That’s not a Jeep, its a Hyundai

  • Okyalos

    A monkey Jeep, I would say

  • Ironbelly

    I have owned JEEPS since 1975 and am quite familiar with how they should look and perform, THIS IS NOT IT.

  • Okyalos

    Me since 1994. I totally agree

  • Ponch

    I am a bit conservative. I like new ideas but only if it improves reliability and durability. For starters, Fiat has too many new things going on all at the same time. They should go in steps perhaps the new transmission, but same engine and body, then next year new motor and interior, and then of course a body change while having much time to think about the styling and testing out the new drivetrain out.

    I think they should of named this Cherokee something different other than Liberty or Cherokee.

    If I could have it my way I would love to have the vm diesel and 8 spd GC transmission in my ’10 lib. I could hope in several years there will be some reasonable priced aftermarket compatibilities

  • Nick Coleman

    Jeep has totally lost focus with their customer following and heritage with the new Cherokee.  It has to be the worst looking design I’ve ever seen.  Guess it is what happens when you let marketers who don’t have a clue get hold of your design process.  We’ll be replacing our Jeep and it definitely won’t be for this soccer mom car (note I car not Jeep)

  • Okyalos

    Look what has happened to Alfa Romeo under “Fiat” ownership.

  • Wanahakama

    They’ve killed the Cherokee….. I’m speachless. How could Jeep take one of their most iconic off-road champions and turn it into this? I have a 2001 Cherokee and would not dream of trading it in for this. A little piece of me has died today. :(

  • Autostocks

    Sorry all, I’m going to take what is apparently the non-standard position.  If this thing can navigate the Rubicon Trail, then I’m OK with it.  There’s nothing wrong with bringing the design into the 21st century.  If you want a box on wheels, you can still buy a Wrangler.  And by the way, I’ve owned 9 Jeeps going back to 1991.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Watkins/629637578 Daniel Watkins

    With a 9-speed transmission I wonder why they didn’t just go with a CVT is a simulated gear mode. Would be a simpler machine I think. I hope it doesn’t hunt for gears a lot or make it obvious that it’s doing so.

  • Guest CJ-7

    Hideous! Absolutely hideous! You have to just love the big corporate mindset.

    Nine speed transmission? Wonder who will come out with a ten speed? What is this? Trans wars?

    The designer of this THING should be sent back to school, and the corporate chieftain that gave it the go ahead should be fired. Out of all the cool concept vehicles they’ve come out with in the past, and this is what they’re bringing to market? What a joke. Actually, the drive train and mechanics of it might be okay, it’s just ugly as sin. 

  • Okyalos

    Wait for the old DAF Variomatic transmission ! It could be a choice of the new “Jeep” team …

  • Rodrigo

    What an ugly machine that never should be called “CHEROKEE”

  • Rthub

    Nine speed transmission? Seriously Dodge/Jeep/Fiat or whatever they are now couldn’t even get simple 4/6 speed van transmissions to work properly but a nine speed? Yikes but hey I if you are going to install a lower torque higher horsepower Caravan engine in a Jeep I guess it makes sense…..

    I now know I made the right deision moving away from Jeep 3 years ago after being a faithful Jeep owner for 20 years at least my Toyota truck doesn’t have a van engine….

  • Okyalos

    Well done

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=657457682 Andre S Kruger

    Ugly vehicle, will never buy it, suggest they move it directly to the museum, looks like a Kia. Italians made a mess of the 3.1 diesel engine as well….

  • lionel young

     I have no trouble with this very powerful Motori V6 diesel it just runs away with my 21 ft caravan and only 14 ltrs to 100klms so smooth more than enough grunt .

  • Liberty777

    Reincarnation of the Pontiac Aztec.

  • Bcurran3

    Where’s the electric version that everyone paying $4.30 a gallon wants?

  • Tc1uscg

    When they get some balls and put a diesel in these rigs, no one is going to buy off on the 9speed tranny being a benefit. People don’t want gears, they want good MPG. RIght now my 09 KK with all it’s mods avg’s 15 city. And 19 hwy.  Had to decide between a new Wrangler vs VW. I went with a 2013 Passat TDI. My last fill up got me 50mpg and I’m average 40 city/hwy.

  • Lryoung1

    i must agree not a very impressive looking car quite ugly but i suppose you have to move with the times remember the leyland P76 a car before its time the Valiant the same .

  • Rick Cochran

    OK, who stole the real Grand Cherokee?????????????????

    Help, Help, someone stole everyones real Jeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geoapps1

    That is not a Jeep- should have called it a Liberty maybe- not Cherokee. Cherokee denotes tough, rugged, outdoors, adventure, exploration, excursions- Liberty means cute, groceries, shopping malls, late. Make it a chrysler or dodge instead

  • Tc1uscg

    Hey.. I resent that. My 09 KK pulled out a Wrangler 2 weeks ago and I was in front of the guy on the trail. Needless to say it was his first time but goes to show, if you know what your doing. Almost any 4×4 can do it. And whats in a name? Just because my KK is a Liberty, it sports a 3 inch life, full skids, rockrails, Limited slip rear and 255/65 16’s to do the deeds. If you have issues with the name, the Grand Cherokee should have renamed/badges years ago.

  • Malik0069

    This cherokee is ugly and why does’nt it look like the cherokee SRT  they should have the same body style it is VERY confusing

  • Bgasser

    Reminds me of a Chevy Aztec.  Not a fan of the front.  Wish they would have made it a mini-JGC instead. 

  • Uncljo1

    Remember the AMC Eagle? Yeah, this is its reincarnation. IT’S NOT A CHEROKEE!

  • Msllarson2

    I sense a false advertising lawsuit… this is not a cherokee!

  • carl

    should have been the replacement for the patriot. at least the patriot looked like the cherokee

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.maiolo Jesse Maiolo

    What is it with designers these days??First they destroy the Corvette now this! Who gives a flying crap about the EURO LOOK??Not me,that’s a fact.They think this monstrosity will sell here?Not without about 12 grand in rebates off a 20,000 dollar sticker price! Come on man,BUILD IT FOR AMERICANS DAMMIT! WE LIKE THE BOX!!!

  • autostocks

     Then buy the box, dude.  It’s called a Wrangler.

  • Tc1uscg

    I have no respect for a car company (Jeep), who feels it has to leave it’s 70 years of roots behind to sell more cars to a group who rather toot around in a CRV. So, will it be worth the loss of loyal Jeep owners to gain a few 30 somethings who may think it’s “cool” at first but find themselves wishing they had went to Toyota or Honda instead? I think I’ll hang on to my 09 Liberty and 02 Liberty for a few more years. I’m already “branching” away because instead of getting a new Wrangler, I bought a 2013 VW Passat TDI instead. I may not be able to do the MOAB in it but at 50mpg from the last fill up, I’ll just drive around it. 😉 

  • autostocks

     Wait, what?  You bought a Passat?  Why are you even posting about Jeep?  Obviously not the target market.

  • Msmith99ffl

    Funny, I actually own a Wrangler and a Passat also….and a Scion which is what we drive because the other two are ALWAYS at the shop. 

  • Georgemac

    I really hated the first view of this car but it is growing on me now. I have a GC and love that style and also the Compass workover looks pretty good…a GC in minature. But what was Jeep to do, make yet another mini GC? No, they HAD to do something different and this is certainly that!
    I reckon this car’s a grower and the Trailhawk is a good looking car and so long as it’s not too expensive should sell well.
    LandRover had a similar approach with the Evoque, hated by mmany purists but selling like hot cakes all over the globe. Jeep need this radical car just like LR need the Evoque. With such a large line-up there should be something in there for the traditionalists as well. Maybe a new Patriot or Wrangler that sticks to the original remit.
    I like the fact that the new Cherokee is taller that most other Jeeps and you won’t feel embrarrassed anymore sitting next to a Freelander! Jeeps should sit high and proud and they should all be 4×4’s forget the silly 2wd versions that nobody wants and which lose loads of money used.

  • Lesley

    My 2008 GC could legally pull my littlest horse trailer, offroaded like a pro and had the quiet and comfy interior that made my 2.5 hour/day commute livable.  The 10.5 -12 l/100km was acceptable for a little truck which also secured my groceries and tools from casual pilfering.  A lot better than my F250 . . . 

    If I wanted a fuel efficient car I would buy a Jetta . . . 

  • Jpstrdave

     Leave it to the Italians to ruin the looks of a Jeep.  I have been holding out to get a new Cherokee–but forget it–this thing is ugly.  Inside and underneath it sounds like a good machine–Just does not look like a Jeep and I won’t buy it.  Have to stick with my old GC,-Cherokee Sport and two Jeepsters.  At least people can tell I’m driving a Jeep!


  • Marcia

    I love this car,i will get it, No more box. booya

  • Lugnutz

    After owning 5 Jeeps from the CJ thru the Grand Cherokee I am done with Jeep. They have deteriorated to just another car.
    Certainly DO NOT BUY A 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee – At about 20,000 miles mine (purchased new) started to idle and run a little rough. (I’m an old gear-head – i.e. the kind of guy that “feels” a vehicles ailments). Also the “Check Engine” light has come on many times ever since I first drove the car. The dealer always “fixed” the light problem when noticed but the “why” was never solved. Anyway when i brought the car in for an oil change at 22,500 miles the “Check Engine” light was on again as usual. When the service manager pointed this out I just laughed and again told him to “forgeddaboudit” because they have tried to fix the problem at least 4 times since I owned the car.

    After running the car through their computer analysis the dealer said “there was problem with the 2012 V-6 engine heads” … “the valve guides were not drilled properly and after about 20,000 miles they become sloppy and cause the engine to run a little rough”. They ordered a new head but when it came in the dealer called and said “after they got the head off they discovered one of the bolt socets in the block was elongated and they were going to replace the block. They did and as of his writing I have only 10 miles on the new engine.

    During my discussions with automotive types I heard MANY Jeep engines are experiancing this problem. I also heard a 2012 Jeep’s oil pan “rusted out” … from the outside and the Dodge Trucks were having problems with transmissions. All hearsay sure; but you be the judge.

  • http://twitter.com/StBford St Bford

    Love it! Tis about time Jeep competes. The future of Jeep is with it’s alliance to Fiat. Let’s face it, North American autos need help to stay in the race, not just from Gov’t bailouts, but also from Euro-styling cues. Get with the times!

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