2014 Jetta SportWagen Previewed in Golf Variant

2014 Jetta SportWagen Previewed in Golf Variant

Volkswagen brought an array of its Golf hatchbacks to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show this year, but what’s known as the Golf Variant in Europe  will make it to the U.S. as the 2014 Jetta SportWagen.

Despite bearing the Jetta name in North America, the car is built on the same MQB platform as the rest of the new Golf family. That means weight savings. In this case VW manage to lop off 232 lbs.

Among the other revisions for the utilitarian car, VW says the split rear seat is redesigned and easier to use. The cargo area also features adjustable heights and can be locked in different positions. It also now comes with a roller blind to help hide valuables.

A range of diesel and gasoline engines will be offered in Europe, but most won’t be powerful enough to suit North American customer expectations and are unlikely to ship. It’s more likely that the car will be sold in the U.S. with larger powerplants.

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