2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD is a Diesel Hot Hatch Headed to America

2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD is a Diesel Hot Hatch Headed to America

One of a half dozen Volkswagen Golfs unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show, the GTD model is particularly noteworthy as until now its been forbidden fruit in America.

Set to go on sale in the US, likely later this year, it features all of what the GTI has to offer, with the exception of the turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine. In its place is a 2.0-liter diesel making 182 hp and a huge 280 lb-ft of torque, available from just 1750 rpm.

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Helping this new GTD be even sportier is that fact that it rides on the all new seventh-generation Golf platform, which weighs 220 lbs less than the previous generation.

As mentioned, it’s fully outfitted with GTI-goodies, including similar bodywork, 17-inch wheels with 225/45/17 tires, dual exhaust pipes, a rear roof spoiler and a sports suspension. Inside the GTI theme continues, though with GTD branding on the shifter and gauges, plus there’s a sports steering wheel, stainless steel pedals and those trademark interlagos plaid seats.

Billed as a 2013 model in Europe, the new generation of Golfs will arrive in North America later this year as 2014 models. Look for the GTD to be priced at a premium beyond the already expensive TDI models which start at just over $24,000.

***UPDATE*** GTD fans will have to be patient as we’ve just learned the car isn’t scheduled to arrive until model-year 2015, which means it’s likely to go on sale some time next year ***UPDATE***

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  • Rikm

    Will the DSG be available?

  • Davieclauss

    Please, Please, PLEASE!!! MAKE THIS!!!!

  • Tulsamal

    IMO…. VW USA has gotten complacent with their TDI’s. They don’t import nearly enough of them. They announce or tease us with future products. And then they never show up or there are only a few. And the TDI’s never seem to be available with truly nice and high quality interiors. VW has a type of car with the TDI’s that _should_ be able to grab a big market share. But year by year, it doesn’t seem to happen. (Dealerships that frustrate and annoy owners doesn’t help either.)

    Mazda will be selling a new diesel starting this summer. Taking the SkyActive gas engine and making a diesel version. Will start out with the full size four door Mazda6 only. Then the CX-5 which should sell really well. They have been experimenting with the engine in the small Mazdas and getting over 70 MPG. High build quality, much better dealerships, and HOPEFULLY actual availability. VW is going to wake up one morning and realize they are losing some of their most long term customers. And they won’t care……

  • leicaman

    VW really needs to make a new lower priced entry level diesel too. Right now a Golf TDI tricked out is like what 30 grand.  Way, way too much IMHO.  They need to get one made like a base line Jetta TDI and make it even less expensive.  I drive a TDI VW as a whole needs to take better care of existing customers or we will walk to Chevy, Mazda or who ever creates a nice reliable diesel sedan.

  • Mzee_55

    Diesels and in downward trend.  The trend is accelerated by diesel fuel price and higher sticker price the manufactures of those cars, such as VW, wants.  No future for diesels

  • Rixxy350

    Americans are so dense by insisting that all cars have petrol engines with auto trans. They are so behind the rest of the world with regards to economy, efficiency etc and most can’t drive a “stick shift” because they are such crap drivers. However, manufacturers take the piss with the cost of diesel cars (which are no more expensive to make than petrol ones) and then oil companies exploit the fact that most European cars are diesel by charging up to 10p per litre more for something that actually costs less than petrol to manufacture. Too many people with their snout in the trough!!!!

  • This is an excellent option for the real world.  I’ve been looking at new Corvettes, and test drove a 328i (hate the dash and console).  I will be replacing my Legacy GT in a couple of years, and a sport suspension diesel is a good way to go.  VW will probably have more competition by Mazda (and hopefully Subaru).  I’d prefer a wagon, but a hot hatch that gets 40+MPG every day might get my cash.  I don’t mind paying in the mid to upper 20’s, as long as I get a refined ride and interior.  Price/Value needs to be there.

  • I have been driving a variety of cars, looking for a replacement for my Legacy GT.  I averaged 22 MPG over the last 80K miles, so that is decent mileage for a 153 MPH sedan.  I don’t track the car, though I could.  I will probably buy a Spec Mazda to thrash, and this GDi would reduce my fuel cost by 50% for my daily driver.  Waiting two years might put more options in the market.  Go Diesel Performance!

  • You did not take into consideration of the people making their own bio diesel.  The technology taken from diesels are part of the reason gas engines are doing better. Still the torque of the newer diesels cannot be beat. 

    I am sure hoping that you dont think the Prius is the answer. 

  • Ramsey

    Wow…Most of us non driving Americans are begging for fuel efficient diesels to come here.  It’s our world leading environmental standards that seem to limit the oil burners from coming here.  As for the rest of your comment enjoy paying too much for your oil.  America will be the world’s largest oil producer (not consumer) within 15 years.

  • LouAnnWatson

    when the power goes out during a snowstorm or hurricane and you can’t get gas at the pump, i’ll be sucking off of my diesel stash safely stored in jerry cans in my garage. you, sir, are ignorant.

  • LouAnnWatson

    chevy? really…cruz is available. sure you want to go to that crap can?

  • Simon

    Diesel engines are great, especially the VW turbo diesel. I would have to say that VW produce the best turbo diesels.

    I drive a 2006 VW golf with a 2litre turbo diesel 4 wheel drive. Amazing to drive.

    Good things about diesel engines;
    Very fuel efficient
    Engine sound is way nicer to a petrol, especially when the turbo kicks in.
    Petrol cars have better acceleration, but diesel have better top speeds

    Diesel cars cost more than petrol cars
    Diesel cars cost more to service than petrol cars

    but in the long run you would still be saving money on fuel

  • Richard Kline

    Interesting…FACT.Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Mazda are all producing Diesel cars now for the US Market, not just VW. OH… and I forgot, I recently read (regarding the Diesel version of the Tiguan) that the VW CEO doesn’t see a reason to bring it to the US, even though US consumers are asking for it… Hmmm… Your statement “Americans…insisting all cars have petrol engines with auto trans” is pretty far off the mark.
    FACT: Some auto trans cars are getting better mileage that manual these days (not all, but a good number).
    Another fact: Many cars can be bought with manual trannies… If they didn’t sell, it wouldn’t be available.
    Another fact… The cost of Diesel is cyclical. It’s more expensive in the winter, and less so in the summer, It’s party tied to the seasonality of consumers using different types of fuel to heat their homes in the northern climates. In the summer, Diesel is cheaper where I live. Then there is the thing about supply and demand, but you must not have learned that in school… did you go? I did, got a degree.