2014 Volkswagen XL1 Video, First Look

2014 Volkswagen XL1 Video, First Look

Could this be Volkswagen’s Prius? A fuel efficient halo car, the XL1 is expected to deliver a whopping 261-mpg thanks to its tiny engine, low weight and slip-stream design.

This is a production vehicle, likely to cost around $100,000. With a 1,750 lb curb-weight matched up with a 47-hp, two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and a 27 hp (20 kW) electric motor, it’s no wonder the XL1 is so fuel efficient. According to the Volkswagen, the two-passenger hybrid can drive up to 31 miles in pure electric mode.

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Even with a sporty sounding seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission the XL1 moves to 62 mph in just 12.7 seconds, meaning acceleration isn’t it’s selling feature. However, when it looks this cool, maybe it doesn’t need to be fast at all. Check out video below.

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  • smartacus



  • smartacus

     not even if they sold it as a SEAT

  • Steve B

    Thumbs up to VW for looking far in the right direction, unlike GM that had to be told to start to do the right things by the government.when they saved their arses!