2015 Ford Mustang Clay Models Reveal Fastback Design

2015 Ford Mustang Clay Models Reveal Fastback Design

Ford is currently preparing to launch its sixth-generation Mustang, and these photos may just reveal what the 2015 model will look like.

The clay models are far from complete, but it gives us the best look we’ve seen so far at the design for the 2015 Ford Mustang, revealing a classic fastback design, a raised hood, and a squared-off front.

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The sixth-generation Mustang will usher in new changes for Ford’s great American sports car. Already confirmed is a turbocharged, four-cylinder EcoBoost, a powerplant that would have been considered sacrilegious to Mustang enthusiasts just a few years ago. Also expect a fully-independent rear suspension, plus a solid reduction in weight.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is expected to make its debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

GALLERY: 2015 Ford Mustang Clay Models


[Source: Mustang 6G]

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  • Gwhpnut

    So far I have not seen any pictures or drawings that would make me want to buy a new 2015 Mustang. Most of the cars look a lot like a Honda civic or acura? None of the models say american muscle car. Looks like ford has lost interest in this field, they seem to want to capture the ricer crowd. To think this is the company that gave us the GT40 is a shame. One big FAIL in my book….victor 

  • Doug Kielian

     I agree at 50 years of age I’m still a buyer of Americana and want to drive something that makes that statement!
     That’s why in 2011 at my design shop/ studio in Lincoln, Nebraska  we took a new 2011 Mustang GT and completely trimmed off most the outer skin of the Mustang, resigned and fabricated it into what we thought would be a nice blend of yesterdays classic styling and look blend it into todays modern high-tech platform.  The ” REVERSION MUSTANG” was created by me allowing and helping a young farm kid (Johnny “Sparks” Heermann)  from the midwest to build our dream Mustang  in 9 months time!
     A true Retro throw-back styled Mustang that EXCITES almost any American car enthusiast!  See it on the cover of Modified Mustang Mag Mays issue…….. see if you agree!   

    Doug Kielian
    Auto Kraft body and paint Inc.
    Lincoln, Nebraska   

  • TBirdNutt

     Beautiful work, Doug!  I loved the SWB TBird and Mark VIII you guys did as well back in the day!   Your version of the fastback is what I wish FoMoCo would put together!  Cant wait to see the mag next month! 

  • Gwhpnut

    Oh Man! That is what I’m talking about! FANTASTIC! You and Johnny “SPARKS” have what every Mustang owner wishes they had! I for one am jealous. Hats off to your skills!!! Can’t wait for May’s Issue to come!, victor

  • Frank Riley

    To be honest I was very excited and waiting for the 2014 Mustang but when I saw the actually car at the dealership lot I was again very unhappy because it is basically the same car as the 2013, they keep showing hot models prior to release and we never get what they show. I am looking forward to when a very kick ass Mustang comes out because at this time it is the same old crap over and over again? Look at the new Corvette now that is a nice looking car and even check out the Camaro another nice looking body. The Mustang needs to change before I ever go back to Mustangs. My last Mustang was a 2001 and at 2005 I just hated the look of the newer Mustangs and still do. 50 years with Mustangs and now I am working on my 1971 Corvette LS5 454 and sold my last Mustang, that should tell you something Ford!

  • Edbiscane

    The 2013 is the first Mustang I’ve liked since the 60’s. I ordered a convertible and couldn’t be happier. The new one better not look like a Fusion. Looks to me like it will though.

  • Colum Wood

    The 2015 will be dramatically different. The 2014s are just a refresh.

  • ….how can you expect every single model year of a car to look different from the last?

  • Rick_Leuce

    I hope the 2015 Mustang is retro to the look of the classic Mustangs. If Ford makes the Mustang look like a foreign car, I’d be very dissapointed.

    I liked the 2010 Mustang bodystyle, but I LOVE the 2013/2014 Mustangs…especially the headlights and tail lights. I hope 2014 isn’t the last good year for the Mustang.

  • Alex_S

    If it looks like a damn Fusion Im gonna be pissed…. I don’t get why Ford doesn’t listen to their community, if they mess up this design and go too euro its gonna be another Mustang II

  • Daniel Smith

    Why not bring back the Fox body styling. Just modernized. I think it would be pretty cool.

  • Rick_Leuce

    It would be bad for Ford and the Mustang if they go with a Fusion-based design.
    Ford will either have to come out with a new Mustang design (that people WANT to buy) or they’ll end up dropping the Mustang line until they get better car designers.

    I don’t want to sound too harsh, but I would be REALLY upset if Ford just gave up on the Mustang. I hope that these Fusion-Mustangs are just concepts and NOT what Ford is really going to do, otherwise I’m hoping that Shelby makes their own 2015 Mustang designs so that there’s still hope for future Mustangs.

  • Rvjmtntop

    The concepts always look more radical than production cars. Have to wait and see before getting one’s undies in a bind. I can’t afford new anymore so I will toy with my 98GT and rebuild my 71 Mach 1.

  • Jorge

    I also have a 71 Mach 1 :D…. your car is beautiful <3

  •  They’re nice and light and one of my favorites, but they’re ugly as hell.

  • bigreddog

    I’ve owned 16 Mustangs now.  My first was an 86 GT.  Most were fox body LX 5.0 and I had a notchback one as well.  But then I grabbed up a 94 with the “new design” at the time because it still had that 5.0 engine.  I HATED the car.  They took all the fun out of it.  Too many new wires and sensors and it felt so big and bulky.  The shifter was odd and the cheap gauges were updated to be even smaller and cheaper.  I now have a 2000 Mustang and hate it too.  But I’ve driven the new Camaro and it just has a very cheap feeling to it.  I love the current body style but again don’t like all the computers and extra sensors and crap.  I know all cars now will have this stuff.  That said, I really want, for a regular driving car, a new Fusion.  It looks awesome in black with the titanium package.  So with that said, if Ford makes the Mustang look like a Fusion in some type of way then sign me up!  NOW, on engine though they need to keep it a 5.0 for all the Mustang lovers, even though modding a newer Mustang is much harder and much more expensive.  The fusion front end has an Aston Martin look to it which has proved to be successful. 

  • Gwhpnut

    Please, bigreddog, don’t encourage ford to make a rot rod fusion mustang, buy a roush fusion if you want one, don’t make real muscle car lovers pay the price of your compact car love. their should be enough variety for everyone. I have only seen one picture, I forgot where, ujt it was a black mock up of the new mustang that some said looked like a Maserati? I thought it looked muscular, like a ready to pounce black leopard! still had a sort of fusion on steroids look to it, I’d buy that! but this red car pictured above? NO WAY! I guess if you can’t buy what you want  new, I’ll buy an old classic car or truck and build it my way if Ford will not!  I can’t find the black mustang picture, but it was better than this red car, and had a smaller mouth up front… 

  • Lil laurie whitis

    seriously a four cylinder omg wow i cant hardly take this anymore i love the 2013 snake cobra now thats what i am talkin about i have a 1997 mustang cobra all original and even though its not the 2013 or the GT 500 SHELBY it dont matter cause i still make er get up n scoot lol

  • love it love it love it couldnt have said it any better my lil self nothing like them older cars n trucks. went to the first muscle car show was surprised to see an ol woody in the air and won wohoooo

  • Ford/Lincoln,you need to stick to American looks,and quit copying euro looks,we are not European,we are American,lets keep it that way!If you screw up the Mustang,I will no longer be a Ford buyer/owner,which I have been for 34 years!I mean hey,if ya want to continue your trend to Europeanize your cars,we can always just buy euro cars,and forget all about Ford!!!Ford is what made their cars stand out from others!Don’t be a sell out Ford!!!Same with Lincoln,your new Lincoln designs suck ass!!!!

  • chuk a spear

    what it reveals is a rocker and wheels like a last series fbird,,4cyl?,,here we go again,,ford blows it again,,mustang 2,, 2015 LOL

  • chuk a spear

    so is your sister

  • Carmine Fragione

    a real personal luxury sports car was as the ’68 Thunderbird. two door, sequential tail lights, hidden headlights, split bench leather seats with all day comfort for tall big Americans, and the 429 Ford V8 that could pass anything but a gas station. And it used the steering wheel to steer the front wheels and the gas pedal to steer the real wheels, like a true classic race car. That is what the Americans want from a Ford. These tiny midget cars are for midgets, try to pack 6’5″ big Americans in tiny bucket seats . looking like one is packed into a Cannoli . There is nothing more anti American than sitting with your knees in your face. banging the console until you are callused and sore. Not my idea of “American Car”