2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Concept Revealed

2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Concept Revealed

Hyundai has unveiled its HND-9 Venace Concept at the Seoul Motor Show, calling it a luxury sports coupe concept that gives us a preview of the 2015 Genesis Coupe.

Most revealing of the photos shared by the Korean automaker is of the HND-9’s interior, which Hyundai expressed that it was tuned for sports driving. On the outside, the HND-9 sports a long hood, big volumes, a classic Hyundai hexagonal grille, and butterfly doors to create “dramatic luxury surprise.” Overall the concept is two inches liner than the current Genesis Coupe.

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Under the hood of the HND-9 Venace is a 3.3-liter, turbocharged V6 engine boasting 370 hp and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Now that the vehicle has been officially unveiled in South Korea, we expect more information to come soon with details on the HND-9 Venace.

GALLERY: Hyundai HND-9 Venace Concept Reveal


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  • Kerry

    Looks really nice I would also like to see the 3.8 DI a twin turbo or supercharged 3.8DI and the Tau V8 in it . THe car looks like a big upgrade over first generation, but they need to match performance and handling with the new body a minor power upgrade would not be good enough when they can go for a homer with some true performance packages with it and let it compete with the US muscle cars and the 370Z and Infinity G35. They need say a 350HP a 375HPO and maybe a 450-500HP model with at least 1 lateral G to 1.05 lateral G and a 0-60 in the 4 second to 4.25 second range on the top of the line and the base model should at least get to 0-60 in 5 seconds flat. Maybe a mid 12 quarter and top speed from 165 to 190 range make it a Halo sports car

  • Sam

    The 2013 models easily will smash most muscle cars in the us in the same price range, and the 370z’s. The Infinity G37 is what most people compare the 2013 Genesis Coupe to and its much better for the price. The 2013 V6, 3.8L Track models come stock with 365 hp which is more than the 370z’s. It’s already a killer car and the inside of the car is just as nice… These new ones are def an upgrade on the outside but they don’t really need to upgrade the engines to much as they are already beastly. Throw a turbo charger on it and it will prob bump it up to 380 hp. My 2013 Gen Coupe pumps out 415 hp.

  • Kerry

    Ihear you. i am used to power got a1979 z28 with a406 stroker with 525hp to the rear wheels. But i love the idea of power with decent mpg lol would have to get it up to at least 450hp should not be too hard

  • ArchEtech

    You guys are on crack. The Genesis coupe isn’t exactly a cheap car. The coupe is a nice car, although I don’t like the newest body updates as much, but it doesn’t compete with American pony cars at all, and is several 10th’s behind the 370z which all have under 5 sec 0-60 times and low 13 quarter miles. It might be priced a little lower than the aforementioned cars. Comparing it to an infinity G is laughable….in any category.

    If they threw that tau-v8 in it, it would be a different story assuming they adjusted the rest of the car accordingly to go with it. They also need to clean up the vents and furiously fast junk on the outside and go back to the previous update. They will sell more cars, at this level of performance and refinement by dumping the “ricer” look.