260-MPG XL1 Just the First of Many New VW Plug-in Hybrids

260-MPG XL1 Just the First of Many New VW Plug-in Hybrids

With just 250 being made and a rumored six-figure price, Volkswagen’s new 261 MPG plug-in hybrid may sound like a science project, but the German automaker insists it’s a halo model that will usher in an era of plug-in hybrids.

A flurry of plug-in electric vehicles, hybrids and natural gas vehicles will be released next according to a report by Automotive News. Look for the all-electric e-Golf as early as next year, which is designed to comply with California’s zero-emissions mandate.

While Americans get the e-Golf, Audi will be debuting its A3 e-tron in Europe next year as well. Unlike the all-electric e-Golf, the A3 e-tron uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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The A3 e-tron will then lead to a Golf plug-in hybrid which could be potentially built at VW’s plant in Puebla, Mexico.

The automaker claims that it can build six Golfs, each with a distinctly different fuel source. That means that compressed natural gas, electric, plug-in hybrid and ethanol will join with the current offering of gasoline and diesel powered Golfs.

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