Acura Gets $1 Billion Investment from Honda to Get its Groove Back

Acura Gets $1 Billion Investment from Honda to Get its Groove Back

After a near-death experience at Acura four years ago, Honda is now putting $1 billion into the brand, in order to make more appealing products for U.S. customers.

Following a 25-percent drop in sales since 2005, Acura is hoping to provide the US market with exciting luxury products like the new MDX crossover, the RLX flagship sedan and the NSX supercar, seen above.

According to an report by Bloomberg, luxury car sales bring in significant profits to automakers. With this big investment into Acura, Honda is looking to boost its profits, and gain momentum in the US luxury market again.

Acura is planning to use the NSX and RLX to bring customers into the dealership, and possibly get sales to their other, more affordable products. An important product will also involve the TLX, a replacement for the TL sport-sedan.

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With a new style-guide and revamped products, Acura might be able to regain its momentum. However, unlike other luxury automakers, Acura isn’t aiming at emerging markets like China, and is instead focusing on the US, with the American markets┬áproviding more than half its sales and profits.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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  • huwtm

    You do realize these cars are sold as Hondas in the rest of the world. Acura is just a name for America.