Acura TSX Recalled in Snowy Areas: 93,000 Affected

Acura TSX Recalled in Snowy Areas: 93,000 Affected

Acura TSX owners in snowy states beware, the brand is recalling almost 93,000 units in North America because of a flaw that could lead to a damaged electronic control unit (ECU).

In snowy areas, salty slush from driver’s shoes can melt and seep through the carpet under the vehicle dashboard that covers the metal case containing the ECU. Over time, that can corrode the shell and leave the unit vulnerable to damage. If that occurs, it could cause the car to stall. There are 76,000 units being recalled in the U.S. and 16,990 in Canada.

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There haven’t been any crashes or injuries reported because of the problem, but Acura is issuing a recall. Owners are being encouraged to take their car to a dealer for service as soon as they are notified. Those notifications will be mailed out in mid-April, but owners with questions can contact Acura directly by calling (800) 382-2238 and selecting option four.

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