Alfa Romeo 4C Leaked Brochure Reveals New Details

Alfa Romeo 4C Leaked Brochure Reveals New Details

Although almost all of the info regarding Alfa Romeo’s 4C sports car has been divulged by the brand, what appears to be the official brochure for the car surfaced on an online forum today, revealing a few more interesting details. 

The weight of the 4C has been discussed in detail, as with 240 hp, every pound that can be shaved off makes a big difference. The brochure reveals a dry weight of 1,970 lbs., which is likely to be around 100 or 200 pound lighter than the curb weight. Still, that puts the 4c just over the 2,000 lbs. mark.

Offered with four driving modes: race, dynamic, weather, and natural, the brochure lays out what each setting will do to affect the driving dynamics. Natural mode keeps the cars electronic stability control (ESC) on at all times, while dynamic mode makes the ESC less intrusive, though it does stay on. Throttle and torque response are improved for both dynamic and race mode, along with the addition of faster gear changes. In race mode, the transmission does not offer an automatic option, and must be shifted using the paddle shifters, while the ESC is deactivated. Lastly, weather mode smooths out the gear shift, while optimizing the ESC for slippery surfaces.

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The dashboard and gauges are also shown up close, along with all the different packaging options that can be had with the 4C.

For all the details, see the gallery below.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo 4C Brochure



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  • John Fitzgerald

    Afla DNA? Hardly. This is no more an Alfa Romeo that a bicycle made in Taiwan is a Schwinn. Both are utterly fraudulent counterfeits.

    I’m sure that in the boardrooms of enormous multinational corporations it makes perfect sense to pilfer a glorious badge from the past to slap on a let’s-pretend plastic coupe with “gear buttons.”

    Wherever they are, Nicola Romeo, Vittorio Jano, Enzo Ferrari, and a host of long-forgotten racing drivers from the 20s and 30s are weeping softly.

    Well, at least the philistines didn’t emblazon this repellent imposture with quadrifoglios. Not yet, anyway.
    Even disregarding the theft of one of the most hallowed names in the history of automobiles, still I must say that this is one of the ugliest Fiats I’ve ever seen.

    Too bad it had to come to this. The glorious name of Alfa Romeo should have been buried decades ago…

  • James Doyle

    And some people believed the earth was flat…. Hey John… Viva Alfa Romeo!!

  • Bertoneman

    So John…tell us… just what the hell do you want from Alfa? Times have changed from the “good old days” and I understand that sentiment. The Alfa has a hand built chassis featuring a carbon fiber tub and 8.3 lbs per HP in an 4 cylinder motor with 120 BHP per litre seems a decent compromise for well under $100K. At least Fiat has the guts to produce such a car in the middle of America’s Obama inspired ongoing depression. I find it absolutely amazing when a brand or company tries to make a comback in America by investing here, building here, hiring here, selling here, someone has to come along and kick it in the balls right out of the box.
    Frankly speaking as a car enthusiast… I am sick and tired of a generation of boring, generic, soul starved Asian shitboxes that the automotive press has sucked up to and worshipped for over 35 years. We should be spending our time trying to exterminate automotive arachnids like the Nissan Juke and Kia Soul from this side of the world instead of calling the new Alfa a counterfeit.   

  • Autopassione

    I live in italy,
    I saw the production line of the 4C in Maserati plant in Modena.
    empty……. two not finisched prototypes and nothing else.
    If FIAT really will start this production, not in 2013.

    the Carbon-Fiber chassis should be manufactured by an old closed company in the South of Italy that was producing in texile market?!? with no experience in automotive but a lot of free money from our politicians just to buy lots of people votes.
    I hope I’m wrong, but  I have serious doubt that thi car will be available on the market

  • Ewen Baird

    Actually I think it is quite good looking (speaking as the owner of a 1961 Giulietta Sprint). I think they made a mess of the styling of the new Giulietta- that’s why the adverts show it from the back. Think about some of the cars they made back in the 70’s – the plastic bumpered Alfetta and the ghastly 75. In comparison to those days the 156/159 and this 4C are good looking cars. Whether you like the look of something is purely subjective and you can’t slag off it’s performance until you have driven it. Oh yes and also I don’t think you can blame president Obama for the Nissan Juke.

  • Davejohnson1225

    No Obama inspired depression here, stock market roaring, my spec home business, which Bush destroyed now doing better each day, and I am hiring.  What America do you live in?