Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept is One Very Cool School Project

Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept is One Very Cool School Project

It’s not an official Alfa Romeo, but maybe it should be. Called the Gloria Concept it made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show this week thanks to the work of some inspired students.

Made by 20 Master in Transportation Design students from the European Design Institute (IED) of Turin, in partnership the Alfa Romeo Style Center, the  concept features quite a few nods to traditional Alfa design, like the iconic front-end, as well as leather straps near the windscreen.

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At the show floor, the concept was also presented on iPads where show goers can check it out with a choice of  five different sets of rims and five body colors to try out. Alfa says that the five wheel choices are the result of a project developed in collaboration with OZ Racing.

As a design school project, don’t expect to see this stylish coupe-styled sedan hitting the streets, even if the Alfa Romeo brand is set to return to America soon.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept


  • Kris

    If only Alfa would build some cars that look and go in a way worthy of their name….. this could possibly be one….