BMW 3 Series GT Debuts Amid Hushed Cheers

BMW 3 Series GT Debuts Amid Hushed Cheers

BMW has revealed its new 3-Series Gran Turismo at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show this week and despite rumors that it wouldn’t make it to our shores, it has now been confirmed for North America.

Excited? We didn’t think so. The decision to import this high-riding hatch is an odd one, especially considering the flop that is the 5 Series GT.

And while it might not be heavy on style, it is plenty functional with added interior room and trunk space. In total, the 3 Series GT is 7.87 inches longer than the wagon and is 3.2 inches taller.

As a result it offers a slightly elevated seating position and generous cargo space of over 18 cu-ft, more than even the 3 Series wagon.

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Overall, the Gran Turismo combines the standard sedan’s dynamics with the functionality of a wagon model. The BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo will be available starting in mid-June and will be available with three gasoline engines and a pair of diesels, at least in Europe, with performance ranging from 143 hp to 306 hp.

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  • I never liked the 5 Series GT, but after sitting in one at CIAS2013, my opinions have changed. It makes a lot of sense for families who don’t want a minivan or a traditional SUV. Certainly it offers far more functionality than the Hot Wheels derived X6. I suspect the 3 Series GT would offer similar benefits for small families.

    ugly? oh yes
    functional? completely

  • Simon Bennett

    i have three kids and a wife to cart around, but just could not drive anythig so ugly. I use a 5 series. A base model would probably cost close to this and not hurt the eyes so.

  • Mark 42

    If you don’t like it, just don’t buy one.
    Everyone has different taste in what they like… just because YOU hate it, doesn’t make it ugly.

  • Please take it back to Europe. 

  • Yes, yes it does. It is scientifically proven you do not have balls if you buy one. 

  • BMW minivan on the way!

  • Mark 42

     I don’t like it, but I’m mature and secure enough to know that it’s just my opinion.