BMW Reclaims Lead in Global Luxury Sales Race

BMW Reclaims Lead in Global Luxury Sales Race

With Audi slipping back and Mercedes-Benz now in a distant third place, BMW has taken the global luxury sales lead.

Success of the new 3 Series  and X1 small crossover has vaulted BMW ahead of Audi. BMW sales overall increased by 7 percent in February, surpassing the 3.2 percent gain by Audi. BMW’s big month helped the company jump back into the sales lead for the year, with just 407 more cars sold than Audi in the first two months.

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Demand for luxury vehicles in China and the United States are helping the German automakers avoid economic woes in Europe. With Mercedes-Benz launching the stylish and affordable CLA-Class later this year, the brand can get a much-needed boost to its sales numbers.

Audi and BMW are enjoying sales in China with increases of 3.5 and 3.2 percent in the region, while Mercedes is floundering with a decrease of 47 percent. Mercedes is looking at a new strategy to improve sales in the area, by combining its sales and marketing organizations for imported and locally produced cars into one entity.

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