Chevy to Keep New Impala Off Rental Car Fleets by Offering Old Model Instead

Chevy to Keep New Impala Off Rental Car Fleets by Offering Old Model Instead

With the Impala typecast as a rental car, Chevrolet is eager to avoid any such stigma being attached to its all-new 2014 model. And a plan has been put in place to do just that.

In an effort to keep the shiny new Impalas out of Hertz lots and devoid of Enterprise bumper stickers, Chevy is going to sell fleet companies old cars instead.

Starting this April the 2014 Impala, with its chiseled new look, will go on sale at dealerships across the country. Fleet companies looking to get a piece of it will, however, have to wait until next year. That’s because Chevy will continue to sell them the old 2013 model.

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In many ways its a win-win situation explained Chevrolet marketing boss Chris Perry at a first drive event for the new Impala this week. General Motors gets to ship a few more of a product that has long-since been paid for, while fleet customers get a larger car at a bargain price.

It’s also a clever way to hopefully bump up the car’s resale value scores, as volume sales to fleet companies has the dubious effect of flooding the market and killing a car’s resale value – something Chevy definitely wants to avoid on an all-new flagship sedan.

Last year a full 75 percent of all 169,351 Impalas sold went to fleets. Chevy hopes to reduce that to just 30 percent in 2013 by selling a mix of the old and new full-size sedans.

Starting in April, Chevy will offer the 2014 Impala exclusively with a 3.6-liter V6 engine with 4-cylinder and eAssist hybrid models arriving later in the year.

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    I just rented a 2014 impala in Richmond, VA through enterprise lol….