Detroit Electric Teases All-Electric Two-Seat Sports Car

Detroit Electric Teases All-Electric Two-Seat Sports Car

Detroit Electric is back and promising to launch an all-electric sports car next month.

The company’s new headquarters will be located in the Fisher building in Detroit and the new product will be a limited edition two-seat sports car teased in the photo above. After that there will be a “diverse family of high-performance electric vehicles to follow.”

An initial launch will take place in Detroit early next month, followed by a show debut in Shanghai on April 20. Production is scheduled to begin in August and will take place in Michigan with an annual capacity of 2,500 sports cars.

It’s been about five years since news on the brand surfaced. While it isn’t clear what the car’s performance figures are, the Tesla Roadster left  a gap in the market that this car could potentially fill. The company also says it will unveil two other high-performance models by the end of last year.

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  • Nooper Jones

    I just hope they dont copy the Tesla Roadster. I love the Roadster, but I would also love to see some healthy variety, not a mediocre copy that is doomed to fail.