Disguised Jeff Gordon Takes Used Car Salesman for a Wild Ride – Video

Disguised Jeff Gordon Takes Used Car Salesman for a Wild Ride – Video

Here we see a disguised NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon. Looking to save some cash, he walks into a used car dealership and gravitates towards a black Camaro out front. A helpful salesman comes out to greet him, and offers him a test drive. Little does he know what he’s in for.

Toying with the salesman, looking like he’s not used to the power under the hood of the Camaro, he then continues to do his best Ken Block impression. Tearing around the block, he puts serious fear into the face of the salesman, who eagerly reminds him that he’s liable for any damages caused and will have to pay them.

The prank goes into overdrive, with Gordon hooning the ‘maro like a natural human function. Handbrake-turns, donuts and catching some air has never looked so routine before. But the salesman isn’t comfortable with the ride at all. It might be staged, but it’s still plenty entertaining. Watch the whole prank below to see the shenanigans.

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  • Schnurrbart

    this is a commercial……..admitted fake…….everybody’s in on it 

  • Edfr

    Fake advert

  • carbonated_turtle

    Man, all the legal bullshit that we deal with in 2013 can really take the fun out of things. They basically have to admit that the whole thing is staged about 25 seconds in when they say “Closed Course” in fine print at the bottom.

  • darf98

    It seemed like at the end they tried to make it look as though the whole car lot was in on it except for the one salesman in the car, it was a nice try but I’d have to agree its all fake

  • Hopemharle

    Love it