Electric Car Makers Worry About Driving Noise Mandate

Electric Car Makers Worry About Driving Noise Mandate

Electric cars… Are they a silent killer? Lawmakers worry that they might be, but the solution has some automakers up in arms.

Unlike combustion engine vehicles, electric cars don’t make much noise while driving — something that could pose risks, especially to blind pedestrians. The proposed solution would mandate external speakers so that electric cars make more noise while driving. Now certain automakers say they’re worried the noise will deter potential buyers because the proposal would see those cars making noise while stopped.

Part of the argument is that most electric cars already make noise while in motion and that stopped cars don’t really pose a risk to pedestrians… blind or otherwise.

Automakers are trying to push for more electric car sales. Currently they only account for about 0.4 percent of cars sold including plug-in hybrids. Increasing fuel prices might encourage some drivers to consider electric cars, but it’s been an uphill battle so far.

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[Source: Automotive News]

  • MistyGreen

    And when a car with auto stop/start is coasting with the engine off, they’ll have to have external speakers too, right?  Yea, nothing stupid about this idea…