GMC IntelliLink System Includes Tech-Help Advisor

GMC IntelliLink System Includes Tech-Help Advisor

General Motors is now offering the services of trained tech advisors to help each one of their customers setup and customize their Intellilink infotainment system which is currently available on the GMC Terrain. 

Each GMC showroom has at least one of the self proclaimed tech geeks to help customers customize their intellilink system to suit their lifestyle. “The Terrain’s IntelliLink is already a very intuitive interface,” said Adam Luebbers, a connected customer specialist in Michigan. “What I like to do is help owners make the most of it to meet their needs and interests. For example, if they love Pandora we’ll show them how to move that on-screen icon to a prominent location.

Back in Novemeber, 25 connected customer specialists were hired, and today GM announced that 25 more are going to be brought on board.

“I also like to point out fun short-cuts,” said Luebbers. “Most users don’t know that instead of browsing into the phone menu, an owner can just say ‘Connect’ with voice command and IntelliLink will start pairing a Bluetooth phone. They’re always amazed by how quick and easy the system is to use.”

Intellilink is available on most trim levels of the GMC Terrain, and is set to arrive in the Acadia and new Sierra in 2014.