Honda Tests App Designed to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Honda Tests App Designed to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Honda has been busy conducting real-world testing of new traffic congestion minimization technology in Indonesia for the past few months, using something as simple as a smartphone app.

The Japanese automaker believes it has developed an effective tool in delaying the development of congestion while improving fuel efficiency by more than 20 percent. The testing took place on a toll road between Ulujami and Pondok Ranji in Jakarta from September 2012 to February 2013.

To minimize congestion, Honda believes that the driver of each vehicle needs to adjust their driving behavior to the surrounding vehicles. The automaker developed a smartphone app that changes colors based on whether or not the driver is aligned with other drivers surrounding them. Essentially, the app monitors the pattern of acceleration and deceleration and determines if that pattern is likely to create traffic congestion. If so, it provides support to align the driver’s habits to the surrounding vehicles.

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Honda hopes to use this technology in future vehicles to help realize a congestion-free mobility society. New functions will employ an onboard device to provide users with information about possible congested areas based on the actual amount of traffic and driving patterns.

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