ItalDesign Giugiaro Parcour is an Exotic, Italian… Off-Roader?

ItalDesign Giugiaro Parcour is an Exotic, Italian… Off-Roader?

It’s hard to imagine a rugged version of an Italian bull, but the ItalDesign Giugiaro Parcour means you don’t have to. Built in celebration of ItalDesign Giugiaro’s 45 years in business and unveiled this week at the Geneva Motor Show, the design house decided to make something that didn’t exist until now.

With massive tires fitted to 22-inch rims, the Parcour is designed to go anywhere, and fast, thanks to a Lamborghini V10 sitting under the hood. With 550-hp delivering power to all four wheels, this little monster should be able to tackle any terrain. On the road it can hit 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

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Oh, and that ride height is adjustable, starting from 8.2 inches and extending all the way up to 13 inches. An adaptive ride control allows for Comfort, Off-Road, Ice and Track driving modes. Each setting also changes the drivers display in the car, adding some more atmosphere inside.

The suspension sounds like magic, featuring a push-rod setup, that in fact, has no push-rods, and instead has eight coil overs: two at each corner. However, on the track or on street, only four coilovers will be in use, so the car acts like a standard double wish-bone setup in a sports car.

Of course, like many other concept cars, side and rear view mirrors have been replaced by cameras, which also helps the Parcour translate into a roadster.

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