Jeep Cherokee Sales Crucial for Setting Record: Exec

Jeep Cherokee Sales Crucial for Setting Record: Exec

The new Jeep Cherokee means much more to the brand than its first shared platform with parent brand Fiat.

It made a splash when photos showing its curious split headlight front fascia leaked last month, and brand boss Mike Manley says the new vehicle will play a big role in buoying sales back into record breaking territory. The brand managed to sit there for the past three years, but sales suffered after its Liberty was discontinued in August 2012.

“Cherokee won’t be in the market in volume until really the third quarter, so you’re going to see a hangover for first quarter and second quarter for sure,” Manley said to Automotive News. “As Cherokee gains traction in the marketplace — which I think will be around the fourth quarter — obviously that’s going to change.”

Despite that, Manley said he is confident Jeep can top its record-setting global sales from 2012: 701,626 units. The first signs of whether or not Manley’s prediction is correct are just around the corner with the car’s New York Auto Show debut next week.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • smartacus

    then why they giving it a face like a possum passin peach pits?

  • Liam McCowan32

    You, sir, are one funny sunuvabitch. Love what you said.

  • Kurt Muzio

    No matter what they do, this pile of fiat junk will never beat a good old XJ Cherokee, hell id rather drive an ’84-’86 XJ equipped with the horrid 2.8L V6 than drive this.

  • Steve

    This is what you get when a Pontiac Aztec and a Grand Cherokee hook up in a dark alley.