Just 57 Percent of Ferrari Owners Enjoy Driving: Study

Just 57 Percent of Ferrari Owners Enjoy Driving: Study

According to a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom, only 57 percent of Ferrari owners actually found driving their exotic supercar entertaining.

The study may be surprising to some, though it did find that BMW drivers were happiest, with 82 percent of its owners enjoying the privilege of getting behind the wheel of their German luxury vehicle. Overall, 69 percent of drivers claimed to enjoy driving out of the 2,000 surveyed while 20 percent saw it as a necessary evil to get around town.

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Rounding out the top five car-type owners in order of driving enjoyment were Aston Martin (78 percent), Lexus (78 percent), Seat (76 percent), and Peugeot (75 percent). As for folks who didn’t enjoy driving, they include Land Rover drivers (59 percent) and Volvo drivers (46 percent).

The survey was conducted by insurer AXA Group, and we’d take its findings with a grain of salt. Ferraris weren’t exactly meant to be enjoyed in day-to-day commutes with traffic clogging up the open roads. We’d find it hard to believe given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of any vehicle on the open road, that most automotive enthusiasts wouldn’t choose a Ferrari, or any Italian exotic.

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