Kia Provo Concept Previews Juke Rival With a Turbo Hybrid Surprise

Kia Provo Concept Previews Juke Rival With a Turbo Hybrid Surprise

With Honda recently announcing plans to enter the sub-compact crossover segment with a new model based on the Fit, Kia will toss its hat in the ring as well, debuting the Provo concept today at the Geneva Motor Show.

Competitors to the segment-creating Nissan Juke, the Provo is a two-door coupe, though a four-door is likely in production form.

Apart from the aggressive good looks the Provo boasts some solid performance too, and more than a few technological treats. Looking wide and sitting on big 19-inch wheels its powered by a turbocharged direct injection 1.6-liter 4-cylinder making 205 hp.

Conventionally front-wheel drive, the Provo also boasts an active Smart 4WD Hybrid system that can deliver as much as 45 hp to the rear wheels when added power is required. As a hybrid it’s also capable of a low speed (and limited) electric-only range, creeping along using electric power to the rear wheels.

Add to this a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and it’s obvious that Kia has an impressive package, not to mention some impressive new powertain features, coming in the next few years.

GALLERY: Kia Provo Concept


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  • This looks more like a Mini competitor–and if it’s running on the Forte/Soul platform, a potentially fun and lucrative one.

  • Darius

    It need two more doors before we can consider it.

  • Rob Rowald

    I’ll take one right now please

  • The colors suck but the car looks great

  • Maustin

    Wow, I already have a husband, hate to think I just fell in love again.  DO really love my Soul, but that’s pretty sweeeeeet!~