Maserati Might be Planning Supercar Based on LaFerrari

Maserati Might be Planning Supercar Based on LaFerrari

Maserati might once again be building its own version of the Ferrari halo car just as it did with the Enzo to create its MC12.

Just like the MC12, the new car could borrow its chassis, suspension and electrical components from the Ferrari, but in this case a report from Car suggests it won’t use the same hybrid drivetrain and would use a bespoke carbon fiber body. Skipping the hybrid system will mean the car won’t compete with the Ferrari on a fuel efficiency standpoint, although it will be lighter.

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Don’t expect it to be as powerful either, although there are some potent options at the company’s disposal.

The car could use one of two engines: either the same 6.3-liter V8 found in the LaFerrari with 789 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque or a quad-turbo version of the bi-turbo V8 in the Quattroporte.

If the report from Car holds any credence, the Maserati version will still be roughly as expensive as the LaFerrari, although with far fewer to be made — 50 according to their sources.

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