Mazda RX-7 Successor Rumored Again

Mazda RX-7 Successor Rumored Again

A successor to the iconic RX-7 sports car could be in the works using a new rotary-powered engine currently in development.

If it’s to happen, reports AutoCar, the RX-7’s successor would sit atop the automaker’s lineup and would be built to rival future generations of the Nissan Z sports car. It would also be a two-seater, forgoing the RX-8’s design of a four-door coupe. It would however, remain a front-engined, rear-wheel drive vehicle.

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The successor could wear the RX-9 badge, though at this point nothing is definitive.

Currently, Mazda’s focus is developing its new rotary engine and hopes to have it in production within the next five years, with the goal to use it in a future sports car.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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