More Powerful Dodge Challenger SRT8 Planned as Camaro Z/28 Rival

More Powerful Dodge Challenger SRT8 Planned as Camaro Z/28 Rival

Now that Chevrolet has introduced its new 2014 Camaro Z/28, SRT and Dodge are looking to rise to the challenge with a more powerful, lighter Challenger SRT8 model.

Though he was light on details, SRT President and CEO Ralph Gilles promised that the brand would soon have “an answer to the Z/28.” The current Challenger SRT8 392 has 470 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque, but it’s not as competitive as the Camaro Z/28 or even the now discontinued Ford Mustang Boss 302. Chances are, SRT is working behind closed doors to enhance the power of its 6.4-liter HEMI V8 to at least match, if not exceed, the performance of the new Z/28 – that means at least 500 hp.

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More importantly though, SRT will have to lighten the load on the Challenger, which weighs in at more than 4,100 pounds in its current form. All-around performance will also likely be enhanced with larger brakes, sportier suspension, lighter wheels, and stickier rubber.

Now Challenger dreamers can hope for a detuned version of the Viper’s 8.4-liter V10 to make its way under the hood of a Challenger, but that’s unlikely.

In the same interview, Gilles also made mention that the Barracuda, the replacement for the Challenger, is further off than people believe. The current Challenger is likely to stick around for at least a few more years.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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  • Hajime Kishi

    In case you’ve forgotten, 2013 is the LAST year of Challenger production, Dodge. 

  • John Spatz

    Umm… no it isn’t.

  • Jim

    They can’t compete with the zl1 and now magically they will up the game to compete with the z/28.

  • Jbullockjr

    SC 6.2 Hemi will do the trick

  • jeffmeyer

    Please make this happen!

  • Drag Pak

    They (Chrysler) have the Gen 3 – Aluminum 426 approved for the 2013 drag racing season as an upgrade for the Drag Pak cars to compete against the other pushrod engines.  It would be pretty interesting to see a 426 cubic inch engine in the street version

  • Kbaxter440

    The Ford and the Chevy Have forced induction we don’t

  • Alfred Bundy

    Barracuda is NOT a replacement for the Challenger!  WHy dont these writers check on their information anymore!

  • Alfred Bundy

    Challenger is NOT going anywhere!

  • Ralph, please take note. More power is always nice, lighter weight is good too. BUT we need to look at being competitive. That means in the end, the power to weight ratio needs to be at or better than the competition. MaMopar used to be real good at this. A little or even a lot of both to get us there would be great.
    Now I know modern companys really want to focus on profits. And thats why we end up with cars with every nose picking option on the planet. Or diesels ONLY offered in the hi line packages. BUT what about volume? If you went back in time and remember you could order a Belvedere with NO options, ie the road runner. You would think with modern computers it would be very easy to order the very car you want, not some b/s package a bean counter says you can make 5 bucks more on.
    Something to think about again…….real performance.
    Offer all the options and packages, most will buy them. But the cars that make the headlines will be the strippers. All out performance cars. Allow me to delete any and all options I can legally.

  • MoPar Willy

    Absolutely correct, the Challenger will be lighter and slightly smaller, but the SRT Barracuda will be totally unique from the Challenger and will be built off the new Alfa Romeo, Chrysler based RWD platform. SRT wants a car that will be light years ahead of Camaro and Mustang and not attainable by either. The Challenger will be ahead of the Chevy or Ford but it too not in ‘Cuda territory.

  • Mopar Willy

    It’s called “MoPar Magic” and anyone who lived the muscle car wars of the 60s and 70s knows what that means. Rest assure, it will happen.

  • Joey M

    How about a 426……the engine already exists

  • CJ

    SRT8 challenger are better than the camao SS

  • Sean Heslin