New Bentley Continental Supersports to Boast 650+ HP

New Bentley Continental Supersports to Boast 650+ HP

When the new Bentley Continental Supersports debuts next year, it’ll be the British automaker’s new high-performance flagship coupe sporting at least 650 hp.

In addition to the more powerful twin-turbo W12 engine, the Continental Supersports will shed some weight thanks to carbon fiber panels and possibly some stripped-out luxury amenities from the interior. Plus, a stiffer suspension will give it a sportier drive.

The Continental Supersports originally debuted in 2009 and the new model will become a long-term part of the Continental’s lineup. The new Supersports will bridge the gap between the 616-hp Speed and the Continental GT3 that Bentley plans on releasing in 2015.

Though the Supersports is expected to only have around 30 hp more than the Speed model, it’s lighter weight body and sharper steering and handling will differentiate it from the rest of the lineup.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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